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Bee, an engineer

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Favourite Team: Poland, Skra Belchatow

Location: Seattle, WA

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Saturday, December 31st 2011, 3:19pm

Do you know what my advantage is? I embrace new year earlier than you! (Not applicable for Japan users :))
Wer sind Ihre Lieblingsspieler?

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Favourite Players: Haak, Lloyd, Lippmann, Orthmann, Robinson, Folie, Daalderop, Dürr, Stevanovic, Hanke, Heyrman, Herbots, Bongaerts

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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Saturday, December 31st 2011, 4:11pm

I love fireworks! They're sometimes scray though ;)
Almost everyone including me will probably go to the big New-Year Celebration party in the citycentre tonight here in Göteborg. I'm gonna up-load some pictures from fireworks on the forum If I could :thumbup:

I think It's already 2012 in some countries in Asia. Congratulations!

  • "StarNight" is male

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Favourite Team: Eczacıbaşı VitrA-Dinamo Krasnador-Atom Trefl Sopot-Turkey-China

Favourite Players: Neslihan,Neriman,Gozde, Y.K.Kim, Poljak,Naz, Harmotto,Hui,Havelkova, Mammadova,L. Bosetti,Buijs,Garay, Zhu Ting,Gabi,Thaisa, Zaryazhko,Giel,Rasic, De Kruijf, Dürr, Hildebrand

Location: Trabzon/Turkey

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Saturday, December 31st 2011, 5:47pm

I wish you all a wonderful new year :drink:
2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:



  • "Nati" is female

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Favourite Team: China NT, Japan NT, S. Korea NT, Rabitə/Telekom BAKI

Favourite Players: Natalya Mammadova,Jana Matiasovska A., Hui Ruoqi, Brenda Castillo,Yang Hyo Jin

Location: Baku

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Saturday, December 31st 2011, 5:52pm

I'm in 2012 waiting for you :lol:

Yeni iliniz mübarək! ^^



  • "Raven" is male

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Favourite Team: Rote Raben

Favourite Players: Lenka Dürr

Location: Vilsbiburg

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Saturday, December 31st 2011, 8:18pm

Have an awesome 2012! Plenty of happiness, success and health! :drink:



  • "mesut" is male

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Favourite Team: Vakıfbank

Location: istanbul/turkey

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Saturday, December 31st 2011, 9:48pm

Happy new year my sweet friends...
hope you have a good year ahead and have a wonderful evening all you..
:set: :bump: :serve:

volley super fan

Spiker (and a Girl!!! :D)

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Favourite Team: Bulgaria, Poland,Holland, Trento, Skra, Cuneo

Favourite Players: Kaziyski, Kaziński, M. Wlazly, K. Skowronska, M. Flier, N.Gribc, Fei, L. Mastrangelo

Location: Bulgaria

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Sunday, January 1st 2012, 11:06am

Happy New Year to all members! :flower: I wish you all the best things in life and as we always say on this occasion - let the new 2012 be better for all of us :drink:

Wild Wild West!

" There is nothing better than this"




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Favourite Team: Bulgarian NT, Neftochimik Burgas, Belogorie Belgorod, Sisley Treviso

Location: Bulgaria

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Sunday, January 1st 2012, 2:03pm

Happy New 2012 dear friends!!! Wish you a happy year with a lot of smiles! And don't get angry for small things because everything that happens in life is considered a small thing ;) Greetings from Bulgaria!



  • "fraggle_r" is male

Posts: 331

Favourite Team: Vakif 2011 & 2013, Brazil, Serbia NT

Favourite Players: LEO, Vicca, Kim, Kaslia, Godze, Maestro A. Fabiani

Location: France

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Sunday, January 1st 2012, 2:23pm

Hop the best for you all, girls ans mens
It was difficult to wake up this morning ;)

Happy new year everyone

I wish for all :
- meet nice & great players/women
- watch amazing games in different European Cups
- have an intense national championship
- still have fun because we are lucky to shar the same passion
- be healthy... for the Olympic Games
- tell your own family how much they are important & you love them
- to follow in love with a woman or a man that's shining your heart

take care :-))
F4 2011: Fener-Vakif GSTT 4-13 at the end of tie break 1/2 final. Vakif' winner C'L. 2013 and 44 victories Just amazing :rose:
"Léo" flag bearer at the Olympics 2012

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Favourite Team: Rabita Baku(#1),Sollys Nestle Osasco,Omichka OMSK,USA NT,Azerbaijan NT,Serbia NT,Brazil NT,Italy NT

Favourite Players: Natalya Mammadova(#1),Saori Kimura,Kim Yeon Koung,Malgorzata Glinka,Jaqueline Carvalho,Sheilla Castro,Manon Flier,Rosir Calderon,Victoria Ravva,Ana Antonijevic,Megan Hodge,Kim Glass,Iryna Zhukova

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Sunday, January 1st 2012, 8:00pm


  • "Loca inside" is female

Posts: 4,059

Favourite Players: Aguero - Berg - Bruno - Cardullo - De Cecco - Ferretti - Guiggi - Lo Bianco - Togut - Tom - Vermiglio - Vettori

Location: Italy (profondo sud)

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Monday, January 2nd 2012, 12:02am

This is the Olympic's one! Happy 2012!
It's possible, you just have to believe in yourself and really not care what other people say, because I've heard it all.
If you let someone else dictate what you're going to do in life, then you won't get there.

Non so neanche come onestamente: in due mesi ero di nuovo in campo.

samba player


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Favourite Team: Italy, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China

Favourite Players: Agüero, Cardullo, Barazza, Del Core, Lucia Bosetti, Sokolova, Fofao, Godina, Đerisilo, Kimura, Takeshita, Tomkom, Yeon-Koung Kim, Kim Sa-Nee, Han Song-Yi, Zhang Lei, Yunli Xu

Location: Italy

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Monday, January 2nd 2012, 12:48am

Happy New Year!! Hope 2012 to be a good year!



  • "Armel" is male

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Favourite Team: Tours Volley Ball

Favourite Players: Alexandre Sloboda, Slobodan Boskan, Hubert Henno, Vladimir Nikolov, Nikola Grbic, Loïc de Kergret, Hichem Guemmadi, Petr Konecny, Earvin Ngapeth,

Location: Nantes (France)

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Monday, January 2nd 2012, 11:51am

I wish every inside-volley a happy new year, with a lot of volleyball emotions (especially in London) and great conversation here on our favorite board !



Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 12:15pm

Skill Wins Points
Heart Wins Games

Posts: 3,206

Favourite Team: Foppapedretti Bergamo Marmi Lanza Verona

Favourite Players: Lo Bianco Piccinini Cardullo Ortolani

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 1:35pm

happy new year to all the fantastic guys of this forum! I hope it will be a year full of satisfactions and happiness for all of you!! :rose: :drink: :)



  • "tomen" is male

Posts: 2,173

Favourite Team: Chinese NT (W/M) Russian NT (M/W) Italian NT (W/M) Polish NT (M/W)

Favourite Players: Manon Flier, Zhu Ting, Jiang Chuan

Location: Shanghai, China

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 2:57pm

Happy new year.
My favourite roster of Chinese
male NT:
S - Li Run-ming, Zhan Guo-jun
OP - Dai Qing-yao, Jiang Chuan
OH - Ji Dao-shuai, Xia Run-tao, Liu Li-bin, Zhang Chen
MB - Zhang Zhe-jia, Chen Long-hai, Geng Xin
L - Ren Qi

female NT:
S - Ding Xia, Yao Di
OP - Gong Xiang-yu, Zhang Chang-ning
OH - Hui Ruo-qi, Zhu Ting, Liu Xiao-tong, Li Jing
MB - Yuan Xin-yue, Yan Ni, Xu Yun-li
L - Lin Li

My avatar is Jiang Chuan. I hope more persons love him.

flyingdutchman Expert

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Posts: 7,305

Favourite Team: Dutch NT, LiB Aachen

Favourite Players: Buijs, Beliën, Plak, Bongaerts, Daalderop, Polder, Sloetjes, Boskovic, Zhu Ting, Wolosz, Akman, Eda, Kim, Ognjenovic, Mihajlovic, Naz, Castillo, Herbots

Location: Netherlands

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 3:01pm

Happy New Year to all forum-members :drink: :drink: :drink:


young padawan, defensive tackle

  • "raylight" is male

Posts: 4,477

Favourite Team: Levski

Favourite Players: Jekov, Nikolov, Кaziyski, Todorov,Tsvetanov, V.Bratoev, Zlatanov, Huantorena, Simon, Ball, Leon, Salparov

Location: Earth

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 4:21pm

Happy New Year :) May the force be with you!
Full matches and volleyball videos from me:

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 5:44pm

Happy new year guys!! :drink: :drink: :drink:

i wish you all happiness,love,health,volleyball in new year!!
meso mi ra se beno...


Prediction Game Mod

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Favourite Team: Impel Wrocław, ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle; NTs Male: POL, RUS, BRA; NTs Female: POL, DOM, JPN, BRA, ITA, RUS

Favourite Players: Jeoselina Rodriguez, Kasia Skowrońska, Kasia Mroczkowska, Kosheleva, Jaqueline, Takeshita, Saori, Kurek, Igła, Bociek, Mikhaylov, Muserskiy, Moroz, Lucas

Location: Warsaw, Poland

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Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 5:55pm

Happy New Year Everyone! :drink:
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