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Thursday, June 5th 2008, 5:32pm

Chiara Negrini

When, where and why did you start to play volleyball?
I started to play volleyball when I was 9 years old in Bolzano, in north of Italy. I was watching the cartoon "Mila & Shiro", so I decided to play volleyball.

Could you make an assessment of your season 2007/2008 in Jesi?
The season 2007/2008 is for me a very positive and effective year. It's the first time I play in the A1 of Italian Championship...but with hard work I became a regular player pf the team!

Would you like to play abroad?
Not now...I think that Italian Championship is at the moment the best in the world.

What is your most memorable volleyball moments?
This year the Champions League represented for me the most exciting event...We played against Russia, Poland and Cannes...great!

What do you like the most in volleyball?
Everything...but my speciality is the defence...

Do you have any pre-match ritual?
I'm not superstitious, I just concentrate very well thinking of the good quality and gaps of my adversary.

Who is your favourite male volleyball player if you have one?
Wout Wijsmans (Brebanca Lanutti Cuneo).

What do you like to do most of all except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby?
I like to help my husband in his studio of tattoos and piercing. I like body-art.

If you would live as one other person (celebrity or not) for one day, who would it be?
I'm very proud of myself, so I don't need to look like anyone. In any case I love Sylvester Stallone.

Do you have any dream?
Dreams are basic for life...of course I have...but it's a secret! :-)


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Saturday, July 5th 2008, 4:24pm

I got surprised by her perfomance this year. I mean, I had never heard about her, and she played soooo well! :)



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Friday, August 22nd 2008, 3:48pm

She looked very cool. :thumbsup: I watched one of Jesi's matches and i was glued to her.... TATTOO. 8o I hope to see her in Italian NT.
"It's years and years of work and sacrifice and dedication. Along with a lot of these girls, we've sweat and we've bled and we've cried together in past Olympics. It just brought tears to my eyes, & I'm more than thrilled. This will be forever." -LOGAN MAILE LEI TOM (Silver Medallist - 2008 Beijing & 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 World Cup runner up, 2003 & 2007 World Cup 3rd place, 2002 World Champs runner up, 4-time World GrandPrix Champs)

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