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Tuesday, March 21st 2017, 2:40pm

I got a strange problem when I created a new thread for the USA NT - despite writing "USA NT 2017" in the thread's title, after posting it appears like this: "Usa Nt 2017" which looks just awful. When I tried to change it and added some dots ("U.S.A. NT 2017"), it still wouldn't let me use more than two capital letters ("U.s.a. Nt 2017") ?( Is there some post rule that doesn't allow users to use to many capital letters? I also tried with "Usa NT 2017", but it also changed itself back to what it is now. And I used chrome and mozilla, with the same results. Is it just me? And can any of the mods change the title to "USA NT 2017", so it would look properly?
Well I changed topic's name to Your desired one and it looks ok now :wavy: ^^
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Tuesday, March 21st 2017, 2:44pm

Well I changed topic's name to Your desired one and it looks ok now :wavy: ^^

Thank you! Looks so much better :flower: It really bothered me :lol:
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