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Favourite Team: Galatasaray, Turkish NT Women

Favourite Players: Kim Yeon-koung, Milena Rasic, Isabelle Haak

Location: Sweden

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Thursday, August 20th 2015, 3:49pm

New function: Thumbs up/Thumbs down

Dear forum organizers,

Recently I realized that instead of writing "I agree on ....", I would like to have a "thumbs up" option for entries. Simply if we have two alternatives similar to " :thumbdown: " and " :thumbsup: " under each entry, people can vote for the entry they like. It will be nice to see the number of likes/dislikes. Seems like an easy thing to add and would be very useful.


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Favourite Team: Imoco Conegliano, Scandicci, Pomi NT Croatia

Favourite Players: Samanta Fabris, Joanne Wolosz, Monica De Gennaro, Raphaela Folie, Ema Strunjak, Nikolina Bozicevic

Location: Croatia

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Thursday, August 20th 2015, 3:51pm


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