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world volleyball coaches show 2018 header



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Friday, September 11th 2015, 7:45pm

Off the topic

Ilkay Gündogan (TUR) who plays Germany NT, he is Naz's cousin
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Thursday, October 1st 2015, 8:00pm

Why Rosseaux missed the ECh?



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Thursday, October 1st 2015, 8:06pm

Why Rosseaux missed the ECh?

She wanted to have a rest.

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Friday, January 29th 2016, 1:19pm

Charlotte Leys has been choosen the best foreign OrlenLiga's player in 2015! She did great in Poland with her 'all-around' kind of game. I think she developed here big time. I will remember her as a very clever player. Belgian NT is lucky to have her.

1. Charlotte Leys 27.51%
2. Stefana Veljković 20.54%
3. Sanja Popović 19.69%

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