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Favourite Team: Omichka Omsk Region, RC Cannes, Nederland volleyball team,

Favourite Players: Eva Yaneva, Manon Flier, Victoria Kuzyakina

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Friday, October 23rd 2015, 4:24pm

Save Omichka!

Dear volleyball fans!

I am writing you to ask to help us to save VC Omichka. All you need to do is to sign our petition

It is in Russian language, obviously, and is directed to the Governor of Omsk region. It outlines basic points:
1. Poor and incompetent directors in one season literally closed the club from everyone, including fans and mass media
2. lots of debts
3. Increased administrative staff, which is incomptenet and not interested in further development of the club. It led to poor volleyball results, lots of legal and factual mistakes

We believe it is still possible to save the club at some level. You remember Omichka was capable of having 5000 spectators on Champions league matches!
All you need to do is to fill your name, surname, email and your country on the right[. Feel free to add any comments. Your help is much appreciated. :thumbsup:

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Volleyball Lover!

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Favourite Team: Zanetti Bergamo (Italy), Sesc-RJ (Brazil)NT: Italy, Holland, Serbia, USA, Germany (women); Brazil (men)

Favourite Players: Ognjenovic, Piccinini, Fürst, Pavan, Merlo, Kozuch, Klineman, Ortolani, Robinson, Mihajlovic, Vasileva, Plak, Fiorin, Thompson, Amanda


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Friday, October 23rd 2015, 5:46pm

Signed it, good luck with it! ^^



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Favourite Players: Haak, Lloyd, Lippmann, Orthmann, Robinson, Folie, Daalderop, Dürr, Stevanovic, Hanke, Heyrman, Herbots, Bongaerts

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Friday, October 23rd 2015, 6:08pm

I did it too, best of luck! :rose:


Friday, October 23rd 2015, 6:11pm

signed it. :thumbsup:

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