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Favourite Players: Dürr, Hanke, Veljkovic, Ognjenovic, de Kruijf, Flier, Topic, Leys, Malykh, Apitz, Malagurski, Wolosz, Fürst, Miloš, Fabris, Van Hecke, Robinson, Lloyd, Havelkova

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

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Wednesday, June 30th 2010, 6:54pm

Favourite players
1.Martina Guiggi (no doubt :D)
2.Margareta Kozuch
3.Debby Stam
4.Lucia Crisanti
5.Maren Brinker
6.Eleonora Lo bianco
7.Anna Baranska

It seems like I have a couple of favourite players more :box:

btw, Nataliya Goncharova from Russia and Milena sadurek from Poland seem to be my favourite players as well now adays. :cheesy:

Favourite teams
1.Pesaro (unless martina leaves)
2.Italy national team
3.Germany national team
4.Asystell Novara


Thursday, July 8th 2010, 8:04pm

my favourite players:

1)Manon Flier:she's very strong,very beautiful,very sexy...and she's the best.

2)Liboev Sashkova:she's incredible.I love her.

3)Mirka Francia Vasconselos:she's unbelievable performer.

4)Neslihan Darnel:she's very very strong and intellegent player.
and my favourite teams:
2)Turkish NT
3)Cuba NT
4)Russian NT
5)Manon Flier's team:)

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Favourite Team: Polish National Volleyball Teams, I support every team where Maggie Glinka's playing :)

Favourite Players: Malgorzata Maggie Glinka-Mogentale

Location: Poland

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Friday, July 16th 2010, 2:33pm

My favourite volleyball player is Maggie Glinka-Mogentale. I'm her fan since I was 8 years old. Now I'm 15, so 7 years...<3
At the same time I became fan of volleyball. It all happened on 27th of September 2003, I remember :) Semifinal of European Championships 2003 in Ankara, Turkey, Poland against Germany. It's funny story, my father was watching this match in TV and I came into the room, when he shouted: 'Glinka!' and hit the floor with his hand ;), because she was attacking :D And I just sat down and started watching this match too. It was amazing and dramatic... Maggie was great - 41 points in this match and Poland won 3:2 :D
Next day Poland won 3:0 with Turkey and for the first time in history won EC :D
Since these EC I'm great fan of volleyball and Maggie <3 I'm also practising volleyball in club.

I like many others volleyball players. I won't write, because surely I would forget about many ;)
I remember when I was young and Maggie was playing in Asystel Novara and Dorota Swieniewicz, whom I very very liked too, I still like ;) in Despar Perugia, I loved their teams and players - for example Oliveira Walewska, Mirka Francia, Fofao from Despar <3
I remember visiting their teams web pages every day. I miss these old days... :)
And my favourite NT is of course Polish NT :) But I like few more also ;)


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Favourite Team: Fenerbahçe

Location: Turkey/İstanbul

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Monday, August 2nd 2010, 7:03pm

NT Teams: Turkey and i like Serbia, Germany, Poland, Holland, Brazil.
Clubs: Fenerbahçe, Novara and Poland Teams (Poland is volleyball country :thumbup: ).

My favorite players; Eda Erdem, Meryem Boz, Selime İlyasoğlu, Dilara Bilge, Natasa Osmokrovic, Christiane Fürst, Margareta Anna Kozuch, Tatiana Kosheleva, Natalia Goncharova, Lesya Makhno, Enrica Merlo, Valentina Arrighetti, Martina Guiggi, Kasia Skowronska, Maja Ognjenovic, Victoria Ravva, Kim Staelens, Alice Blom, Paola Paggi, Ivana Djerisilo, Debby Stam, Mirka Francia, Paula Pequeno, Fofao, Dani Lins, Yuko Sano, Sheilla Castro, Jaqueline Carvalho, Fabi, Stacy Sykora, Okuniewska Berenika... So many names, i don't remember some players. :D

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Favourite Team: Brazil NT men and Woman

Favourite Players: Jaqueline, Paula Pequeno, Sheila, Mari, Fabiana, Fabiola, Dani Lins, Thaisa Carol Gattaz, Leila ( Forever Leila) Dante, Murilo and Giba.

Location: Brazil

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Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 3:45pm

Brazil NT (male and Female) i Love Jaqueline, Leila and Giba , but like all player for Brazil NT :dance6:

Elas acreditaram que era possível.
The champion is back! :dance6:



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Favourite Team: China,Netherlands

Favourite Players: FLIER, WANG YIMEI, HUI RUOQI ,KURIHARA,,Stam ,Zhang Chen,Kurek

Location: Duyun,Guizhou,China

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Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 4:02pm

CHINA Netherlands

Hui Ruoqi Flier Wang Yimei Zhang Chen TOM KURIHARA




Sunday, June 3rd 2012, 6:05pm

I have many favorite players but my top 5 are:
USA: Logan Tom - she is just AMAZING. She can do it all. Attack, receive, serve, defend.. everything. And she is a great role model as an athlete.
I like all the USA players, Hooker, Akinradewo and Berg.. They are my fave
Turkey: Bahar Toksoy - I love her serve and the way she speaks to herself when she makes and error.
Germany: Margareta Kozuch - apart from scoring she keeps motivating her teammates throughout the match.. a real leader.
Serbia: Stefana Veljkovic - this girl is so good and yet so young. I remember her playing in the 2007 WC and Olympics with just 19 years. She is such a sweetheart, glad she is in the starting 6 now. She deserves it.
Cuba: Kenia Carcases - No words for this girl. I remember the match against Italy in WCH that had NO significance for Cuba and she demolished them alone. In the 5th set she scored from every position on court. Great fighting spirit and a big loss for the Cuba NT.

Team: USA all the way! I've been following them since the 2007 WC and I love them. I love their style of playing and I also like the mix of youth - power and experience.
Turkey is my favorite European team. In my opinion they don't have some star players (of course there are Darnel, Eda..., but I mean something like Tom or Sokolova or Picci) but they managed to qualify for the OG.

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