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Thursday, July 20th 2017, 6:31pm

Dani Lins said she will be back next year after giving birth and wants to play at the WCH and hopefully make it to Tokyo.…eonato-mundial/


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Friday, July 21st 2017, 3:15pm

Thaisa gave an interview to ESPN in Brazil...

honestly after reading this Im not sure if we will see her in Nt again....she seems a bit depressed with everything that happened....and tehre were definitely some relantionship problems with Nt after the Olympics....…campaign=buffer

It is a bit to big to translate right now....maybe you can use the translator?
"Forza Foppa ale
sempre insieme a te
e dovunque andrai
sola mai sarai
Non mollare mai …
Non mollare mai …"


Sunday, July 23rd 2017, 8:12pm

Brazil in the final 6

what is mara doing in nt?

Of all included in the list of ze roberta only amanda is doing great. Serve and reception.
I think its a bad idea to have gabi as libero. The problem why brazil lost to previous 3 matches was reception. Their defense is ok.

Ju paes and other liberos must be welcomed in NT.
Im ok for noe for the three brazilian mb's.
Hope more selection in the outside hitter category! :)


Monday, July 24th 2017, 12:28am

I think Mara deserves to be in the NT.. She had a really good season, she a strong blocker, a good attacker in front of the setter.. As much as I like Carol, Mara can be much more useful in attack considering how good she's in blocking


Monday, July 24th 2017, 8:14am

Regarding mara!

she wasnt use by ze in almost all of the games!

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Yesterday, 9:53pm

My problem with Mara is she's already middle age old for female volleyball players and she's stilk being benched.

The transition is going to be nasty for Brazil if the introduction of youth players to the senior team is late again.

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