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Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 1:45am

I do not think it is wise to bring Rasic. She is not fully recovered and hasn't played a match for a long time. Even if she can catch up the QF, her performance would still have a question mark. Although she did the same thing in Champions League with vakif, that's because the other middle blockers in vakif aren't in the same level with her, not even close. But things are different in Serbia NT, since Veljković and Stevanović are both great in their position. Terzic shouldn't take the risk.

Even Rasic doesn't go, it is still difficult for Sanja to get a spot. There is already one offensive OH and three defensive OHs. Sanja does not fit the system unless her passing and defensing skills are better than Malesevic. Also, a health Boskovic does not need two backups. Sad for Sanja.

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