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Thursday, January 18th 2018, 11:57am

Polish OH Anna Werblinska and Azeri MB Anna Kudakova-Nazerenko are registered as MKS Kalisz (polish second division) players.
I guess Werblińska won't be ready to play before playoffs but transfer window in polish leagues will be closed on Friday.
Maybe it's just 'friendly' agreement that if it's possible she will join for playoffs but not obligatory. She is close to Kalisz and probably wants to help the hometown club to advance if she is ready for this time.


Thursday, January 18th 2018, 1:21pm

Its fake. Werblinska is in pregnant.



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Thursday, January 18th 2018, 5:16pm

Its fake. Werblinska is in pregnant.

Yes, she is pregnant but few days ago she was registered as MKS Kalisz player. (Transfer window will be closed tomorrow). She lives in Kalisz so it is probably friendly agreent between her and MKS.


Yesterday, 10:45pm

Sarıyer Belediyespor (from second division,turkey) signed with Dominican OH Prisilla Altagracia Rivera Brens…d=35950&topic=2
meso mi ra se beno...

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