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Thursday, March 8th 2018, 10:00am

It's a weird thing with Modena. They signed that American OH Abbott who has yet to show up during any match, now the story with Eric and they'll have to finish the season with two MBs of which one (Heyrman) allegedly has knee problems.

Symone Abbott went back to the USA.. Modena couldn't use her and Calloni's injury made them look for a new MB. Her contract has been useless, and now also Eric won't come!…a-negli-states/

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Monday, March 12th 2018, 2:58pm

Liu Jo

Modena has now at least 2 more slots to fill, due to CATERINA's injury:

OH/receiver + MB.

Don't actually know about transfers between playoffs' contenders, like Liu Jo, and out-of-the-game teams like Pomí, but, just in case, I'd keep in consideration

MARET GROTHUES and HUTINSKI, who are both likely to leave Casalmaggiore and Filottrano anyway...

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Monday, March 12th 2018, 5:25pm

I think they can't signed players who played in Seria A this season.



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Thursday, March 15th 2018, 8:25pm

Berenika Tomsia in Chemik Police (medical transfer for Zaroślińska).

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