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Monday, May 21st 2018, 5:39am

I have high hopes for Meng Dou (S).

She's young and tall at 189cm. That is ridiculously tall for a setter.

well, CHN is quickly becoming the tallest team in the world, even taller than RUS.

DOM (angeles), ITA (rondon), NED (forgot her name) and GER (môllers?) all had setters that tall, around 188-190 cm.


Monday, May 21st 2018, 7:12am

2018.05.20 Binh Dien Cup - Jiangsu v Bring It Promotions (USA) 3-2

Wu Han got robbed of the MVP award.

Jolly good match, that. It wasn't clear to me how the USA team scored a point, let alone win the first two sets. What a comeback. The Tie-Break was smashing. China was squashing. And as if I need any more reason for Wu Han love, I have a real soft spot for players who can serve a bunch without choking at the end of a tough game. She served from 3-3 to 9-3 in the tiebreak. I wish she would have gone bunless, though. She looks more dangerous and crazy:

I love that photo. I wish she would come play in Japan.

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Yesterday, 11:44pm

I guess Yang Hanyu hasn't fully recovered from her injury considering that she was the only player that didn't play against Poland. Hope she recovers well because none of China's new middle blockers have been playing well with the exception of Hu Mingyuan(187cm), but her height is her biggest down fall. Wang Yuanyuan(195cm) though is tall, she doesn't provide much offense or defense and seems to have a hard time reading the opponents. It could be too early to tell since it is only the second week. Their lack of experience shows and the bad passing makes it difficult for Ding Xia/Yao Di to set the middles. Even though Lang Ping is testing her youngsters, someone needs to step up and soon.



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Today, 12:36am

Reception is the biggest problem for this team. Stable receivers are opposites ironically. Li Yingying will have to play through her mistakes just as Lang Ping had said in the beginning so she won't get a break even if pressure gets to her. Too much pressure might break her like it did to Gong Xiangyu after the Olympics. I think she will get better as she plays more, and against even more better teams. It is only VNL group stage so nothing to lose. Other young players should aslo make the best of this opportunity to grow.

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