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Yesterday, 5:55pm

Agnieszka Kąkolewska is the new captain of Polish NT.

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Yesterday, 9:47pm

It's funny when you think about it: both Skorupa and Wolosz - two great players, Wolosz playing probably the season of her life (so far :) )... are, as we speak, running the game for two best clubs in the finals of italian league :D but of course none of them will play for NT, grrrr... this is just so typical for Polish women NT during this decade...

I'm sure Asia has some good reason, but it's a biiiiig disappointment especially given her fantastic season :( Wolosz, Smarzek, Medrzyk, Kakolewska, Efimienko, Stenzel, + OH(?) sounded really competitive, all the players had a good/very good season

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