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Favourite Team: Imoco Conegliano, Pomi, Bergamo, Modena , NT Croatia

Favourite Players: Samanta Fabris, Maja Poljak, Klara Peric, Nikolina Bozicevic, Destinee Hooker, Ema Strunjak, Monica De Gennaro

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Yesterday, 5:41pm

Spirito is very solide libero and Brakocevic very good OPP, even though She is not playing like in her golden days but She can still make impact.

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Favourite Team: Scandicci, SESC Rio, Fenerbahce, Zanetti BG, Igor, Imoco

Favourite Players: GABIZINHA, Samanta BRICIO, OFELIA Malinov, ROBIN De Cruijf, CARLI Lloyd, VITTORIA Piani, Paola EGONU, ANNA Danesi, MARIKA Bianchini, Drussyla

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Yesterday, 5:48pm

She played with Skorupa, Wolosz and Glass, all of 3 setter played fast volleyball.
SAMANTHA BRICIO has never played with Glass: she signed with Imoco in the late summer of 2016 along with Skorupa, who was Glass' replacement... :teach:


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Yesterday, 10:52pm

Maren Fromm (Brinker) considers to retire from professional volleyball because the season in Canakkale was very frustrating for her. Also her husband had a negative experience in Turkish men's league and will definitely not return there, he wants to play in Italy or Poland. Maren says that currently she feels no passion for Volleyball, but she'll join NT anyway and might change her mind during the summer. The other option is to have a child and follow her husband wherever he'll play.


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