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Tuesday, September 26th 2017, 1:08pm

Volleyball Leagues Association (VLA)

From World of Volley:…al-leagues.html

The VLA has set the first targets that it intends to pursue:

• The development of the national leagues and their clubs.

• Maintaining the rights and economic value of the clubs and the national club competitions.

• Discussing on the contractual arrangements of athletes engaged in
the national leagues as well as transfers of the players for national

• Discussing on the ways of participation of the players from the
national leagues in the national team activities (insurance, injuries,
salaries, etc).

• Looking for better synchronization between international calendars
(FIVB’s and 5 continental confederations) and national leagues: firstly,
to solve the problem of excessive physical effort of many players
playing an excessive number of matches per year, and second, to give
more continuity and regularity to national competitions, to ensure the
economic value of our sport.

It would say it was highest time for this move. Still some important leagues (russian, turkish) are missing but i hope this will develop further. Club Volleyball needs to speak with a stronger voice towards FIVB/CEV regarding conflicting schedules and other stuff :teach:
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