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Monday, January 15th 2018, 8:46pm

Nikolay Uchikov(BUL OPP) joins PAOK Thessaloniki

"Zhu Ting arrives" :super:



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Monday, January 15th 2018, 8:49pm

Thiago Alves left Maringá.
"Voglio i tuoi occhi quando sognerai per farmi rimanere qui"
"...come la terra la pioggia d'estate"
"Io ti ho coperto le spalle, scoprendo tutto il mio cuore"
- Emma :heart: :love:


Tuesday, January 16th 2018, 4:25am

Thiago Alves left Maringá.
Source? To go where?



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Tuesday, January 16th 2018, 4:50am

Thiago Alves left Maringá.
Source? To go where?
His Instagram.

Apparently it was a mutual decision, but everyone in Brazil knows what happened: he slammed Ricardinho's setting (for no reason) on live TV after a game last year. Since then he had only played a few points in one or two games at most, until he got dropped and wasn't in the squad for the last few matches.

Not sure where he's gonna go.
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