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Favourite Team: Japan(Men &Women) Team, Russia (Men &Women) Team, Italy Women’s NT

Favourite Players: Saori kimura, Yoshie Takeshita, Yuko Sano, Sarina Koga, Nataliya Goncharova, Tatiana Kosheleva, Tomkom Nootsara, Tatsuya Fukuzawa, Kunihiro Shimizu, Maxim Mikhaylov, Dimitry Musersky,

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Friday, June 15th 2018, 5:13pm

Is this the singer mika nakashima? I like her version of yuki no hana

Exactly! 'Yuki no hana' is one of the Mika's best song for me :cup:
I'm suprised you know her name 8|
Where did you know her?
I'm actually a huge Japanese music fan ever since I was a kid. lol I always see Mika's name around, although I've never listened to her music besides I don't know, GLAMOROUS SKY. I saw the news of their divorce in one of the websites I visit.

Thanks for the answer and it's really nice :thumbsup:
Shimizu got injured only after 1 week they announced their divorce :aww:

Japanese roster for 4th week:
S: Fujii, Sekita
OP:Nishida, Otake
OH: Yanagida, Fukuzawa, Asano, Takamatsu
MB: Li, Yamauchi, Takahashi, Fushimi
L: Koga, Honma

They changed 2 players: Takuya Takamatsu (OH/186cm/1988) instead of Takano, Ryuta Honma (L/177cm/1991) instead of Ide. Both are newcomer for NT.
Is Ishikawa injured? Still not playing until now ;(, first time i heard of Takuya Takamatsu, is he any good, such as yanagida? Nishida? 3 have the same height ^^

Ryu Takamiya


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Favourite Team: Men:Russia/Serbia/France Women:Japan/Russia/Serbia

Favourite Players: M.Nagaoka Y.Ishii Goncharova Gamova Shashkova Fetisova Walewska Del Core Rasic Ognjenovic Castillo Malova

Location: Japan

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Friday, June 15th 2018, 5:27pm

Ishikawa will miss whole the tournament.

Takamatsu is always one of the top scorer among local players.
Good attacking, good serving, but too weak on defense.

He's not young anymore but the player who should be tried IMHO ^^

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