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Sunday, May 13th 2018, 11:05pm

Sokolov may need a surgery according to Konstantinov. It's possible we might not see him play for Bulgaria in VNL. Treatment will be decided with Lube and Bulgaria staff and discuss if an operation or non-surgical intervention will be made.
Who even is the Bulgarian backup opposite?


Monday, May 14th 2018, 12:45am

old nikolov?


Monday, May 14th 2018, 12:47am

Velizar Chernokozhev?



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Monday, May 14th 2018, 8:06am

Bulgaria for sure has the shortest squad of any elite team. I get the feel they have been playing with the same 7 guys for the last 6 years or so.



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Monday, May 14th 2018, 12:31pm

Well, Bulgaria is also the smallest country of all elite teams :) It is a non-negligible fact when it comes to roster depth. If we consider Slovenia (theoretically, and only as of recently) in that elite group, then only Slovenia has a smaller population and they might be considered a part just because of the current "golden" generation. So, quite naturally, Bulgaria has always had a limited choice and it is of no minor significance that they have quite often been in the world's elite despite the demographics. You are right, though, we have had pretty much the same base group in the Bulgarian roster for some time.

As for available opposites. Sokolov is (status 14.05, right after the CL final) rumoured to miss between 3 and 4 months which jeopardizes his WCH participation. Even if he makes it on time, it is questionable whether he will gain some kind of playable game/physical shape. Boyan Yordanov, although 35, is back in the squad, perhaps sensing that a home WCH might be a good chance for ending NT career. We don't know if he will be fit for the entire summer, whether he will be able to perform as expected and whether he will be given chance by Konstantinov. Nikolay Uchikov, in case he really returns to the NT and not just in the list, is the strongest option. Chernokozhev spent most of the last two seasons on the benches of Perugia and Halkbank. Although fresh, he lacks serious game practice which I hope he might gain in the VNL. And just because we discussed roster depth and limited choice, Ventsislav Georgiev is a player that developed well in the Bulgarian league for the past 2-3 seasons and is now given the opportunity to train/play with the big boys on international level.


Monday, May 14th 2018, 3:46pm

Seems like there will be no more games on youtube. Wonder what the price point will be and if they will improve the streams. IMO it would be paying like $5 a month if they get commentators for every game that isn't that Australian who doesn't seem like he even follows volleyball.

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Sunday, May 20th 2018, 3:49pm

Friendly matches results before VNL


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Yesterday, 8:31pm

Canada lost their second friendly match against​ Poland 2-3 after leading 2-0. Maybe Antiga did not want to humiliate his former team. He put Brett Walsh in charge. And then the Canadians collapsed. Good experience for him since he is going to sit on the bench for the whole VNL.

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