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Thursday, December 8th 2011, 2:33am

Novotel Cup 2012


Friday 06.01.12 - 1st competition day
13.00h England - Germany
17.30h Luxembourg – Scotland

Saturday 07.01.12 - 2nd competition day
15.00h Germany – Scotland
20.30h Luxembourg – England

Sunday 08.01.12 - 3rd competition day
10.00h Scotland – England
14.00h Luxembourg – Germany
Awards and closing ceremony

Skill Wins Points
Heart Wins Games


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Thursday, December 8th 2011, 11:47am

Germany in the strong Teams circle?
How will They win one match here?

To be quite frank participation with the Teams is compromise for Germany in My opinion. Maybe Germany will play with Youth roster.

Who did from Germany agree for that?
Prediction Game:

Gold Medals - 13

Silver Medals - 9

Bronze Medals - 7

Overall: 29



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Thursday, December 8th 2011, 12:50pm

I haven't heard anything about this tournament here :what: As Bartek says probably Junior or even Youth team will play there...



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Thursday, December 8th 2011, 3:19pm

German Youth National Team will participate at Novotel Cup 2012. Here are some more infos.

Team composition

A team may consist of up to: 12 players
1 team manager
1 coach
1 assistant coach
1 physiotherapist

Libero player
Only when 12 players are registered in the final list, the coach has the right to register up to 2 Liberos (0, 1,
or 2) from within that list:
• 12 regular players + 0 Liberos
• 11 regular players + 1 Libero
• 10 regular players + 2 Liberos

Match protocol
Official Match Protocol with playing of the National Anthems

Baklouti Mamdou (FRA)
Bröstl Dieter (GER)
Hepp Carole (LUX)
Jungen André (GER)
Lecourt Christophe (FRA)
Messerig Carlo (LUX)
Schiemenz Volker (GER)
Sikanjic Aleksander (LIE)
Witte Sabine (GER)
Zuidberg Carel (LUX)

MVP will be awarded the "Trophée Deni Krivova".
In memoriam of Denitza KRIVOVA, player for both the junior and senior national teams of Luxembourg, who died in a tragic car accident on 26th of April 2008, the Volleyball Federation of Luxembourg would like to express its everlasting and emotional attachment to “Deni” by awarding the “Trophée Deni Krivova” to the mostvaluable young player of the tournament.



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Friday, January 27th 2012, 11:05am

Hi all,

photos from this tournament in Luxembourg could be found here:…otos-and-videos
are you searching for photos of luxembourgish volleyball? have a look at

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