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Yesterday, 6:20pm

Which matches were decent? I am not upset because we lost most of our matches. I am upset because players didn't show anything special. I am not saying anything about Guidetti, i am talking about the players.
The one against Brazil on the first weekend, the one against China on the second weekend and the one against Italy yesterday were not bad at all.
What do you expect from these players? They simply are nothing special and the performance they showed in those matches I mentioned probably are the best they can do :whistle:



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Yesterday, 6:23pm

Though I don't like Guidetti and his ridiculous aggressiveness, It's pretty unfair to blame him about the results so far. I mean did any of you see the facial expression of TUR's #18 in the 3rd set? She didn't even seem to care much. Maybe they just had a bad day or were incredibly unmotivated but I think it was too much.

So my point is that you can blame the coach whenever you want, no matter who it is, but for today I think it was the players. They just played like crap.


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Yesterday, 6:27pm

Just discovered what Guidetti said in press conference today :rolll:

Turkey coach Giovanni Guidetti: I feel ashamed. It was the worst match ever of my career. Sorry for the Thai fans that it wasn’t a good volleyball match. Congratulations to Thailand for their victory.

Obviously he forgot some matches of the last 10 years because I remember worse. Maybe not worse than the 3rd set though...



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Yesterday, 7:42pm

The music being played in Hong Kong stadium is simply terrible

Drove me crazy. :wall:



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Yesterday, 8:54pm

You guys need to calm down. What do you expect from this roster? Besides a few players like Örge, Fatma, Gamze and Kübra who are starters in their clubs, can you criticize bench players or what do you expect from bench players? The best possible results like winning against Belgium having tough matches with China Italy and Brazil are the best outcome of this squad. Do you have any comparison with those bench players, or let me ask it otherwise, did you see their club performance that you can say they play really bad and making comments like you expected something different? Most of this team is sitting on the bench in their club so do you expect miracles of them? Sure they can deliver a better match and show (facial) impressions like they want to win the match but what else do you expect? Can you compare this world grand prix matches with matches from their clubs? No you can't! And why? because there are no matches or almost no matches where they have played! Guidetti showed once again what a great coach he is. The 2nd match against Italy was based on tactics and improvements from the first match, the challenging match against Brazil was due to the tactics and improvements from the friendly matches before the tournament started, the match against China could be a possible outcome because he knows Zhu very well and learned more about Chinese playing style, and that is all what this squad can do, so don't expect something big from players who you are used to see on the bench during the seasons!
Let's wait and see for the ECH I'm sure we will see Turkey fighting for a medal with the others returning to the NT!


Yesterday, 10:07pm

fortunately i didnt watch the last match vs.Thailand and seems i wont :D

actually i didnt expect much from this roster before the tournament ..better to take the good points during the tournament

i watched a few good matches from this squad i was just angry at the way some matches ended like Brazil match (first week) with 2 passing errors and like Italy match (this week) with a passing error..

this squad was not supposed to make miracles offensively but they should have been better at some part of thee games like passing,serving (in some matches) ,setting

i thought MB Beyza Arıcı did a good job during the tournament..Fatma Yıldırm's performance was ok/acceptable
Gamze Alikaya was good (this last week she couldnt show her usual game its normal bcz this was a different team than Gs and some time is needed)
i didnt expect much from the chronic bench players like Meliha Ismailoğlu and Şeyma Ercan..Meliha was ok..we couldnt watch Şeyma much..
Meryem was ok in some matches and not enough in some either..her game is one point you say :super: then for another one you do this :aww:

i thought Baladın would be in the ECH roster but if she cant improve her perf..she could not! passing affects her game worse than the other OHs..
Çağla was not good overall.
meso mi ra se beno...

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