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Today, 6:55pm

I don't know how to judge a setter's setting abilities
Basically you have to look at precision, deception and athleticism.

What I mean by athleticism is how well she can save bad passes (too high, too low, too quick, etc.) and still set attackable balls for her hitters.
Precision is simply how accurate her sets are, so how easy it is for the spiker to attack the ball as she wants to.
Deception is how well she can trick the blockers of the other team. A good setter should usually be able to give her hitters only 1 blocker in front of her if she has a good pass, 0 blockers is even better of course. Of course this can also be done by using very fast sets like what Tomkom often does for Thailand.

Ha! Thanks for that. It's pretty simple, it seems. The only thing I have been able to discern in my studies, is my disappointment in Japan's setting post-Takeshita is how many balls I see the attackers simply saving over the net instead of being in a rhythm for kill.

I love the Deception part. I think it'll be a while before I can see/judge that because the game goes by too quickly for me now. I'm amazed at some of the comments I see written here and think "How do these people see all that"? Forgive me another basketball analogy but ... I used to watch basketball as there's a guy with the ball and there's a guy defending him. And then someone shoots. And then all of a sudden I could see how a team defensive system unfolded. It's like it takes an educated peripheral vision.


Today, 8:39pm

what was the problem that they had to stop match in 3rd set?

last year, they had to cancel match between THA x ITA due to electric outage, but that was in italy...
There was a heavy thunder storm in the stadium area at that time and caused the electric power brownout. So, it need some minutes to turn on the spotlights to full capacity.

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