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Monday, April 24th 2017, 1:49pm

people making stupid comments "i think larson is overrated", "i think rasic is overrated" the fact that you (shiznut, rbdfabio, shame, whoever) take people's opinions too seriously on a sport makes you look pathetic and so what if some here likes to kiss american players's ass? whether they are or are not great wont really affect you nor any other people to me the only time your compalin would be valid is if you dont like those who kiss the ass of someone like edrogan or trump because those are the ones that can negatively impact the lives of many people.
U just said it all... And I truly find myself really stupid when I get into these kind of arguments here. Because at the end of the day our opinion as fans does not matter. We can say who is good and who is not, but that does not means anything. Because the clubs and coaches will hire whoever they think are the best. And we may say a player is playing good or bad but again it does matter because all that matters is what the coach and club thinks.

I love chatting with people about volleyball. And I don`t know any other volleyball blog with open chat like this one. That`s why I still come here.

I`ve never been to Europe and don`t have any friends from Europe, so I did not know it is part of the European Culture to be "American`s Suckers"... Now I understand why Americans are over praised all the time over here, or at least way more than players from other countries. And whenever I say one bad thing about a american player, u guys think I`m a hater, russian spy or a terrorist.

It just makes sense now. This blog is just not for me. I probably will still log in to check some results/stats, but this is my last time posting. Take Care... :wavy:
I'm sure most people here don't think anything like that about you. I may not agree with you on everything but you are a good poster with a lot to say and if you mostly enjoy talking on here then I think you should keep doing it. Of course it's your choice but I think most of us would prefer if you kept posting :D


Monday, April 24th 2017, 2:12pm

"russian spy, american hater, terrorist" what the hell? where in my posts did i mention your a russian spy? i just said that how you communicate is also how i will communicate with you



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Monday, April 24th 2017, 4:47pm

Rbdfabio you aren't leave the forum and you are still going to post!!! You have a lot to stay, as well as letting me know when matches are and how to watch them.

I was disappointed yesterday when I got on the thread and the negative back and forth and what some seemed to get personal. Losing is never fun and we are all passionate about teams and players. But it was some good volleyball to watch. I'm sure there is a better playoff system and getting a bid just because you host shouldn't be a given. Yes teams who have money have an advantage. But FIVB should figure out maybe a better system but...

It still takes each player on the court to win or lose. We are lucky that we still have clubs that a still fielding teams.

I wish we in the USA had the opportunity to have leagues here.


Monday, April 24th 2017, 8:41pm

I won't support Eczacibasi if they keep Barbolini for the next season.



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Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 9:22am

Why many of your want Barbolini's head rolls? People forget he was the coach who beat Vakifbank and won the CL last year.


Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 9:35am

Congrats to Vakıf :cup:

and Zhu as MVP :super:
meso mi ra se beno...


Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 9:49am

i think the only real all-round/versatile OH in the world at the moment is KYK...
they were Sokolova,Piccinini,Jaquline in the past

Garay,Sonsırma,HUi,Larson,maybe Scherban are good allround players (DEl Core was)..
meso mi ra se beno...

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Wednesday, April 26th 2017, 10:01am

Why many of your want Barbolini's head rolls? People forget he was the coach who beat Vakifbank and won the CL last year.
Sure, the problem is, he didnt even show half of the success in Turkey compared to what he did in Italy. He was a disaster in GS and now he did nothing out of the most expensive volleyball team in the history ever. Who should we blame except their manager Nalan Ural and Barbolini? :wavy:

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