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Today, 11:54am

It was indeed unexpected easy for Stuttgart today to pull all three points in Potsdam and to take the top of the table before Schwerin and Dresden. Because we can be pretty sure to get another three points at home from the out-of-shape Vislbiburg, the big match in Schwerin on second German Christmas holiday (Tuesday the 26. December) aired on TV station Sport1 will be very interesting. This time I will be viewing it (for the first time) life in the Palmberg hall, which is an enourmous voyage for German measures (roundabout 750 km).

Both teams will be angry: Schwerin for losing the lead to Stuttgart and Stuttgart for the desastrous defeat in supercup at the beginning of the season. A lot of tension is guaranteed...

You're in Schwerin on 26? Well, we drink a beer or a coke :-)

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