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Yesterday, 11:44pm

Sa, 24.02.18 18:00 Erfurt - Potsdam
Sa, 24.02.18 18:00 Aachen - Münster
Sa, 24.02.18 19:00 Vilsbiburg - Stuttgart
Sa, 24.02.18 19:00 Suhl - Dresden
So, 25.02.18 14:30 Schwerin - Wiesbaden
So, 25.02.18 16:00 VCO Berlin - Aachen (but played in Aachen)

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Today, 8:06am

Of course Aachen vs. Münster is escpecially important for ranking of teams between 4 to 7 (and maybe 8 too). For me Aachen is the clear-cut favourite, they are playing at home in their small special hall and collected much more victories already than Münster, only regarding points the difference is not that big.

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