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Yesterday, 8:52pm

How do you call that ? I don't get it. You made error in attack if you hit "out" or in the block...


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Yesterday, 8:54pm

Haak made 7 errs and not 11, she was blocked 4 times and getting blocked is not a err.
7 attack errors plus 4 serve errors = 11 errors.



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Yesterday, 9:06pm

I think the confusion is in that those live score stats don't make a distinction between spiking and serving errors, you have to look at the detailed stats for that.
For example, last week it said that Guiggi had 5 mistakes and I wondered how a MB like her could make that many, but it turned out 4 of those were from the service line.


Yesterday, 9:11pm

How do you call that ? I don't get it. You made error in attack if you hit "out" or in the block...

If you hit out that is a err, but if u hit in the block and get blocked, that is not a err, you get blocked because someone else is doing their job right in blocking you. The point count a block for whoever blocked you and does not count as a err for the spiker... otherwise there would be no way to count blocks if they were counting getting blocked as a err

But ok..she had 4 service errs which bring her to 11. I`m sorry I was thinking u were saying she had 11 spiking errs that`s why I said she had only 7 errs and not 11. ( I was not couting the services errs)



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Yesterday, 11:53pm

Whenever I watch Arcangeli (and Sirressi), I wonder what De Gennaro does in NT...

Same here! I must blame De Gennaro and her motivation. If things goes bad, her motivation sinks and you can read that in her facial impressions and even body language. She doesn‘t even come to the middle to her teammates after getting or losing the point and she downs the motivation of her teammates as well!

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