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Today, 7:47pm

Robinson didn't play the whole summer. She needs time to reach her best shape. That's all. :wavy:

wait a second. According to you they should cancel WG/WL, Champions Cup because all these tournaments are worthless and players get injured?

So based on your logic she did the right thing by not playing all summer?? And that`s what all players should do... But now you are saying she`s out of shape because she did not play all summer??

So I guess we can come to a conclusion that it is really important for a player to play all these worthless tournaments in the summer right? And all these worthless tournaments are important to keep players in shape and ready for the CLub Season.

I will take this as a confession from you that WL/WG and WGG are really important tournaments to have in the summer ...

Hallelujah :woohoo:

You're reading just what you want, as usual. :aww:

I just said her teammates' shape is better than hers, because she didn't play.

I don't want any WL or WGP. Useless and long tournaments. Continental champions are more than enough.
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Today, 7:48pm

How can a player like Ceylan play at this level? All those years, all those trainings and coaches, she doesn't even know where to stand. She doesn't do anything good plus she force her teammates to error.

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