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Yesterday, 7:27pm

What a choke.


Yesterday, 7:28pm

Baladın made the difference by 4 points back to back and Vitra won :white:
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Yesterday, 7:30pm

On the 3rd set, when nobody moves to the ball coming from Gamze.. That was the biggest mistake for Galatasaray, whole match.



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Yesterday, 7:31pm

What a choke.

It wasn't so much of a choke, rather an epic battle and great comeback imo every single set except 4 could have gone both ways and same about the match.

Hande did a great job in the end bringing for GS some unexpected fresh energy to the court!


Yesterday, 7:34pm

it was a good match indeed except the fourth set..Gala wasted its chance! Larson,Boşkoviç,Adams played well whole match ,however interestingly Baladın made the difference in a short time where those players stopped and made her team win the match
Vitra's good serves had a say in the win..Gala's passing worsened after first two sets..

Neslihan's serves were perfect in first two sets..Kosheleva played very well in first two sets then stopped.Rabadzieva played a weak game and looks like the weak link of this team

i thought Gala would win but they wasted their chance..

Güldeniz was useful and i liked Dilik's game

we can say Galatasaray has been improving...but they should solve passing problems..Neslihan cant deal with passing whole match against good serving teams..Rabadzieva was also not good..Gizem is not famous with her passing..
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Yesterday, 7:46pm

GS played well only when Boskovic was silent then she stepped up her games so GS had liite chance and they didnt grab it whatsoever.


Yesterday, 8:33pm

GS played well only when Boskovic was silent then she stepped up her games so GS had liite chance and they didnt grab it whatsoever.

do you really remember the last set (tie beraker) and what happened in that set ?
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