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Monday, March 12th 2018, 4:09pm

I don't quite agree on Kasia.. I've watched every broadcasted matched of Barueri and she played pretty well.. she looks like she's not in the best physical shape, doesn't junp so high, or hit so hard, but she has done everything else to score.. really smart placements, shots, tips..

Also I think @Shame is referring to her being known as 'unreliable'.. yes she could score a lot, but in the most important moments she choked

Most of my friends were in Murcia when Asystel lost the CL semifinal to Perugia. They still cry for that match were she scored all along and lost by her own the tie break, missing every single crucial kill.

Not to mention the all-star Fenerbahce who lost to Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta another CL semifinal, where Osmokrovic played her heart out and ended the match in tears. The one and only polish star that night was Glinka.
The problem is- we can think of any player and find important matches they played terribly- even likes of Zhu, Larson, Kim, Glinka, Gamova or Neslihan.

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