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Wednesday, March 21st 2018, 5:27pm

THATs true sydney

but i still love this tandem! Hehehe

They have beaten their opponents to 3-1!!!
Haiiii its really bad to have paula she is really isnt functioning as she shoud be.. as for lorenne she is the second opposite!

I like her. Very calm and her spikes are all over



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Yesterday, 11:34pm

Praia Clube Vs Osasco 0-1(23-25)

"Zhu Ting arrives" :super:



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Today, 1:58am

Fabiana is still an absolute beast in block and attack when it matters most. Her performance at the end of that TB was inspiring :obey:


Today, 4:00am

I really hope fabiana should still be in

i hope she reconsiders her retirement in the nt! Please!!

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