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Monday, April 14th 2014, 12:16pm

Japan Women V. League Awards 2013/2014

Most Valuable Player Award : Risa Shinnabe (Hisamitsu Springs)

Fighting Spirit Award : Miyashita Haruka (Okayama seagulls)

Best 6 Awards :
Risa Shinnabe (WS - Hisamitsu Springs)
Nagaoka Miyu (WS - Hisamitsu Springs)
Saori Sakoda (WS - Toray Arrows)
Iwasaka Nana (MB - Hisamitsu Springs)
Mai Yamaguchi (MB - Okayama Seagulls)
Miyashita Haruka (S - Okayama Seagulls)

Best Libero Award : Tsutsui Sayaka
Best Receive Award : Arisa Sato

Best Scorer : Saori Sakoda (Toray Arrows) --- 543 points
Best Spiker : Lauren Paolini (Hitachi Rivale) --- 49%
Best Blocker : Mai Okumura (JT Marvelous) --- 0.87 per set
Best Server : Ishii Yuki (Hisamitsu Springs) --- rate 16.3
Best Serve Receiver : Risa Shinnabe --- 72.7%

Best Rookie Award : Mai Okumura (JT Marvelous)



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Thursday, April 17th 2014, 3:06am

The V-League has adopted new rules for the 2014-2015 season

1. There will be 3 matches against all opponents instead of 4 (21 matches)
2. Adopting the 3,2,1,0 match points system
3. Tiebreakers after match points, winning percentage (matches won/matches played), sets ratio, points ratio
4. If those are all tied, then it is just between those teams' matches against each other
5. Top 6 teams make the playoffs (Bottom 2 teams are in promotion/relegation playoff)
6. First round of playoffs 1 vs. 6, 2 vs. 5 and 3 vs. 4 (1 match only), the top ranked winning seed advances to the final
7. The other two winners playoff in the semifinal (1 match only)


Wednesday, June 4th 2014, 1:58pm

contact info

I was wondering if anyone has a contact of clubs(email addresses) that I could contact regarding the transfer.

thanks in advance.



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Thursday, June 5th 2014, 8:01am

The Official V.League Site, provides links to all the clubs, latest news, and player info.

The BIG NEWS today is that Saori Kimura has returned to Toray Arrows on a 2 year professional contract!

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Thursday, June 5th 2014, 11:54am

Teams may not post team e-mail addresses on the sites and none of the pages are in English.

Pioneer has ended their sponsored team and I doubt that it would continue as a club team. This is due to Pioneer's financial losses in their business.



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Monday, July 7th 2014, 12:45pm

Megumi Kurihara has been released by Okayama. She may retire as well as there were some mentions in March in the Japanese press with all of the rehab she's been doing for the last couple of years.



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Wednesday, August 6th 2014, 11:32pm

JT Marvelous signed Onuma Sittirak to 2-year contract!
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