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Friday, December 16th 2016, 9:50pm

New Beach Volleyball Game!

Hello all.

I thought I'd just give a head's up notice that there's a new Beach Volleyball Game out today.

I am not affiliated with the game in any way, but the game promises to be very good with a high level of realism with features including
  • Extensive career mode for males and females
  • Party mode for up to 16 people (4 people playing at a time)
  • Very realistic ball physics and player abilities
  • Very large range of locations and tournaments
  • Character editor - recreate the looks and abilities of any real world player!
  • Controls are simple to learn but hard to master
  • Emotion system: audience and player reactions reflect the complete course of the game
  • Smart AI with humanlike behaviour

The Steam link to the game is here:

I'll post a full review of the PC version on my website once I've given the game a thorough test! I'm sure it will keep me entertained during the BVB off-season.

Happy Christmas everyone! :win:


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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 2:27pm

It's always a bad sign when you reply to your own messages, but the full game review is now available:

Or if you can't be bothered to read it the one word summary is: Recommended. :woohoo:

Game Updates (13 Jan)

Improved defense actions. Characters will now react much faster
Added a new single handed "emergency" defense action. It's very difficult to get the timing right but at least you have a chance...
There are now more difficulty levels in career mode but the top teams strength increase is not as big
XBox and similar controllers are now more responsive. Problems when trying to move to the net to block are fixed
Added a Controller/Button Mapping Editor
You can change the defensive/blocking stance of your partner with the D-Pad or the right Thumbstick on your x-box controller.
You can now fast forward , rewind, pause and change the camera during the replays with your movement and blocking controls.
Mouse cursor will be automatically hidden if you press a button on any controller
Replays will only stop when you press an action button
Quick sets now work a little better but are more difficult to initiate. You can do a quick set by pressing pass+spike OR pass+shot
Party characters have more training points
Players now have collision bodies. The ball will not go through the players bodies anymore.
Changed graphics setup of the game. The game is now more colorful and has more contrast
Mouse cursor will be automatically hidden if you use a controller
If you change your mind and cancel an receiving action the A.I. will try to get the ball.
Recovering balls that touched the net should now be easier because you can now press the pass button BEFORE the ball touched the net
Players can now dig the ball higher up and farther when diving
Setting animation of A.I. controlled players has been improved (they will not run backwards over the whole court anymore...)
Fixed shadows from buildings on the playfield
Replay camera positions should not be behind the referee anymore
Game statistics (sideouts, attacks) should now be correct.(I think I found the bug but I couldn't test it... so tell me if it's still wrong)"

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