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Saturday, April 8th 2017, 3:11am

2016 Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship

I really enjoyed these games. Good Video with English commentary that's a little entertaining. "In your face!"

The NEC/Bangkok Glass is a barrel of fun. Bangkok is a strong team and this version of NEC is a well-oiled machine. Good competition. Great 5-setter. I love this NEC lineup.

A very nice feature of these videos is that all the breaks and Time-outs are edited out, smoothly, professionally. The commentator does do a commercial blurb every time they show a spike replay but it's in a language I don't understand, so the annoyance factor is reduced to nearly nothing.

Lots of Mizuki Yanagita love to be had!

2016.09.10 Asian Women’s Club Championship Semis (NEC Red Rockets) JPN v (Bangkok Glass) THA Youtube
2016.09.11 Asian Women’s Club Championship Final (NEC Red Rockets) JPN v (Ba'yi Shenzhen) CHN Youtube

These are also online but not as entertaining:

2016.09.05 Asian Women’s Club Championship (NEC Red Rockets) JPN v (Altay Oskemen) KAZ ... Youtube
2016.09.06 Asian Women’s Club Championship (NEC Red Rockets) JPN v (Foton Pilipinas) PHI ... Youtube


2016.09.07 Asian Women’s Club Champ (Ba'yi Shenzhen) CHN v (Bangkok Glass) THA Youtube

Posted by ZodiacTTT: "Sidenote: Ugly japs trying to cheat in the set 2 is just so typical of them :down:" Reported as inappropriate but condoned by moderators who enjoy watching grumpy old men disrespect young women. Typical.

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