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  • Volleyball Manager 2014 VERSION HAS BEEN released http://www.instalki.pl/gry/download/s...

    The latest database is for the season 2019 / 2020.

    It was released 27.10.2019.

    The base is intended for the game Volleyball Manager 2014 ver. 1.40. Extract to the "data" folder in the game directory.


    I am pleased to inform all fans of Volleyball Manager that they managed to create a solution that helps deal with the error that appeared to some after a few seasons around the end of May. A message with an "index going beyond the board's boundary" was a nail in the casket for most careers. Some lucky players were able to overcome their mistakes by resigning from the national team, others had to hide their careers deep on the disk, or simply move to the trash. People who have not doubted and did not delete records can now continue playing.

    Volleyball Manager 2014 FIX


    To continue the game you need a new "exe" file that can deal with the "index" mentioned above. Step by step instructions below:

    1. The "Volleyball Manager (FIX) .exe" file should be extracted into the game folder (next to the standard exe files that starts the game).

    2. Run the game from a new file.

    3. Load broken save.

    4. Now you can click 'Continue' or use the calendar. I suggest scrolling the date a few days, preferably until the next meeting of our team (if we run it)

    5. Then save the career (I recommend using a different name).

    6. Close the game and restart, but this time from the correct file (without FIX).

    7. If everything went well, we can continue the meetings or simulate the next days.

    8. If another error occurs, proceed in the same manner.

    The new exe file is not intended for further play - even if someone tries to keep playing, the game will throw an error when it comes to playing the match. I don't know how it will behave in the next weeks of simulation (other elements of the game may cause a new error). That's why I recommend jumping to the day immediately before the match of our national team if we train any. In the case of the club itself, I suggest jumping over a week and trying to continue playing on the original game file. If the error persists, then try repeated intervals.
    I do not give 100% certainty for every record. For now, I managed to fix 3 careers in this way. The solution definitely requires more extensive testing, especially over a longer distance. In the test careers I managed to play another month without errors. If someone still has the same problem, please let me know - I recommend our group on Facebook.

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