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  • In the last 18 months I've been regularly watching and/or reading Alex Christoforou, Alexander Mercouris and THE DURAN (which is the joint channel of Alex & Alexander), Brian Berletic (NEW ATLAS), Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas MacGregor, Andrei Martyanov (SMOOTHIEX12), Garland Nixon, Larry Johnson (SONAR21), Ray McGovern, Judge Napolitano, Jackson Hinkle, George Galloway, The Redacted (Natali & Clayton Morris), The Jimmy Dore Show, Patrick Landcaster, John Helmer ('Dances With Bears')... just to name a non-exhaustive list. These figures represent the "New Media" in the West, and if one wants to learn the factual developments, not the kind of distortions, deceptions and lies, and under assorted propaganda purposes, and has limited time to filter out all kinds of developments in the fast-paced world today, then these figures are good to watch and follow. Experience and feel! 2023.09.15

  • I just watch and follow very few sports nowadays, and women's volleyball is at the top of the few. Any time I wanna an escape from the serious topics and drains of the world's latest economy-financial-geopolitics-military situations (well, it's a much more tensed world nowadays compared to, let say, a decade ago), I just switch to volleyball, after all it's just an amicable competition on court :-)

  • I like the most that the new board S/W allows direct upload of images, it's very helpful for posting from mobilephone with no access to the image servers. Then the LIKE button for some positive & useful posts... I wish there's a DISLIKE button too for those negative, useless posts! :-)