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Saturday, June 17th 2017, 7:51am

Author: Ayra

The Rules - your opinion, suggestion

I don't like the new rules. It will remove the pipe attacks and the jump serves. The game is fine as it is just remove the technical timeouts. I feel sorry for the players already.

Saturday, May 20th 2017, 6:40pm

Author: Ayra

Brazilian NT 2017

I don't think having Gabi (Sesc) in the NT is a big problem. She would just be a second option attacker. Her main responsibility would be defense and reception. She would have the same responsibility as Jaque had before. In the grand prix and Olympics, she was used as a false opposite allowing Garay or Natalia to be freer in attack during the inversions. A team can't all just be full of attackers otherwise the plays would be obvious. No reception means it would just go to the OH or opposite maki...

Sunday, May 14th 2017, 9:32pm

Author: Ayra

2017 / 2018 Transfer Rumors & Discussion

If it's true, Kim and Natalia better get out of there because they will not win anything or their perfromance might decline. Quoted from "Sidney" The rumor about Luizomar de Moura in Fenerbahce is very much laughable. Among other issues, he can't even speak in English.

Sunday, May 14th 2017, 9:10pm

Author: Ayra

Some people are saying it should have been Hill or Drussyla but the thing is that the awards were based on the stats. The biggest reason she got the award is probably because she had the best reception among all the OH.

Quoted from "rbdfabio" Quoted from "Shiznut81" Quoted from "akitoakie" Should be: Best OH: Zhu Ting 2nd OH: Kim Hill Best MB: Juciely 2nd MB: Maja Best OPP: Boskovic Best Setter: Naz Best Libero: Fabi Gabi is 3rd best receiver , Hill is 5th. Gabi 11th best spiker , Hill 15th. Gabi 9th best score , Hill 11th. Plus Ana Beatriz should be 2nd MB or even the best MB, she is the best score among all MB, best server among all MB, and 3rd best blocker, only behind Poljak. Bia played better than Juciely...