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world volleyball coaches show 2018 header

Saturday, May 21st 2016, 3:14pm

Author: Pokolul

Olympic Games - Brazil 2016 (qualification process)

So, we know all teams which qualify to Olympic Games 2016? Japan, Korea, Netherland and Italy?

Saturday, May 21st 2016, 3:02pm

Author: Pokolul

Olympic Games - Brazil 2016 (qualification process)

Quoted from "Emil" I really wanted them to lose the chance, but well Me too! I believe that japanese team still has a chance to win this match... Go! Go! Nippoin!

Saturday, May 21st 2016, 2:47pm

Author: Pokolul

Olympic Games - Brazil 2016 (qualification process)

Quoted from "lionking1" ๋Japan Korea Italy Netherlands go through Olympic It may be hard for japanese team, Thailand has a chance too...

Sunday, July 27th 2014, 7:17pm

Author: Pokolul

Hi guys!


Sunday, July 27th 2014, 5:28pm

Author: Pokolul

The Person above you

want to learn some polish words to impress kondzio

Saturday, March 15th 2014, 8:06pm

Author: Pokolul


Saturday, March 15th 2014, 7:57pm

Author: Pokolul

2014 Eurovision - Copenhagen / Denmark - 5/6

In this year I love french song! It's titled 'Moustache' It's amaizing! So funny I like hungarian song too! Ukrainian 'Tick Tock' have a big chance to get a win. Italy Israel I love hebrew language I'm so confused, you see that I have a lot favourite songs in this edition of Eurovision I can't chose just one I'm so happy that this year Poland come back! (with song - My Słowianie by Cleo & Donatan). I can't wait Eurovision 2014

Monday, February 24th 2014, 11:04am

Author: Pokolul

Could I get used to with you? :)

Hi Bacon Nice to meet you Enjoy!

Sunday, January 5th 2014, 10:42pm

Author: Pokolul

2014 FIVB World Championship - Italy - 9/23

Katarzyna Skowrońska - Dolata in television interview said that she'll think about the sunspesion of representative career

Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 4:25pm

Author: Pokolul

The best player/coach 2013 - voting

Women's 1. Saori Kimura (JPN) 2. Zhu Ting (CHN) 3. Tatiana Kosheleva (RUS) coach: Giovanni Guidetti (GER)

Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 2:37pm

Author: Pokolul

Biographies & Autobiographies of players/coaches

I'd like to buy it, but I don't know when I can get it It's available only on japanese amazon... Maybe you know what can I do? :-D

Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 2:31pm

Author: Pokolul

Promising New stars 2013

I think that one of the most promising player is Haruka Miyashita. I guess that it's so hard for her to replace great Yoshie Takeshita. Big pressure, but she played so good during WGP 2013 and Asian Championships... so, I'm sure that she will be a new star of japanese team Good luck Haruka!

Sunday, December 22nd 2013, 8:01pm

Author: Pokolul


Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you will spend it with your family and best friends! メリー·クリスマス!

Saturday, December 14th 2013, 3:39pm

Author: Pokolul

V rīgu - 2013/14

Wavester thanks for upload these matches ;-)

Saturday, December 14th 2013, 3:38pm

Author: Pokolul

Polish NT 2013

Quoted from "Emil" Kakolewska can be Glinka's daughter considering their age Yeah, but Kąkolewska can learn a lot playing with Glinka

Tuesday, November 26th 2013, 9:29pm

Author: Pokolul

Hi , from Turkey - Istanbul

Hi Alper - Siusho! That's why you chose this nick? It was my first assosaction, when I saw your nick (but this song is Armenian, no Turkish Maybe this mean something in Turkish?) By the way, welcome !