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Monday, July 26th 2010, 9:15am

Author: June Lu

'Dream Team'

Quoted from "Nick" Mine: Setters: Kun Feng, Fernanda Venturini Opposite: Ljuba Sokolova, Taismary Aguero OH: Zhenja Artamonova, Yumi Ruiz, Katja Gamova, Logan Tom MB: Liza Tischenko, Nancy Carillo, Walewska Oliveira Libero: Stacy Sycora. I like this team,but maybe MB position,Heather Bown and Scott is better instead of Nancy and walewska,hah

Monday, July 26th 2010, 9:10am

Author: June Lu

List of players and their respective clubs 2010/2011

Ksenia Naumova (OH) = Dinamo Kazan (RUS) --->Zarechie Odintsovo (RUS)

Monday, July 26th 2010, 9:08am

Author: June Lu

List of players and their respective clubs 2010/2011

Ekaterina Starodubova (L) = Universitet Belgorod (RUS) --->Uralochka Ekaterinburg (RUS) Ekaterina Krivets (MB) = Universitet Belgorod (RUS) --->Despar Perugia (ITA)

Saturday, May 22nd 2010, 4:00am

Author: June Lu

List of players and their respective clubs 2010/2011

Quoted from "Aerthur_Bergamo" Quoted from "samba player" RUSSIAN PLAYERS -Marina Sheshenina (S) = Uralochka Ekaterinburg (RUS) ---> -Marina Akulova (S) = Spartak Omsk (RUS) ---> -Ekaterina Gamova (OH/OPP) = FenerbahçeAcıbadem Istanbul (TUR) ---> -Liubov Sokolova (OH/OPP) = Monte Schiavo Jesi (ITA) ---> FenerbahçeAcıbadem Istanbul (TUR) NEW -Evgenia Estes (OH) = Uralochka Ekaterinburg (RUS) ---> -Elena Godina (OH) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) ---> -Natalya Safronova (OH/OPP) = Dinamo Moscow (RUS) ---> ...

Friday, February 5th 2010, 4:31pm

Author: June Lu

The best player/coach 2009 - voting

1.Luyba Sokolova 2.Logan Tom 3.Margareta Kozuch Coach:Jenny Lang Ping

Thursday, September 10th 2009, 4:29pm

Author: June Lu

Margareta Kozuch

I like her very much,she is a nice girl.

Saturday, July 25th 2009, 10:05am

Author: June Lu

CHINA NT Roster officially announced!!! 2012's new hope !!!

Team's style is a problem for CHN Team.But players is the most important problem for them. I only like WANG YIMEI and HUI RUOQI in CHN New Team!!!

Thursday, July 23rd 2009, 9:14am

Author: June Lu

Hi,im from China!!

'm chinese too,heheI

Monday, July 13th 2009, 7:40am

Author: June Lu

World grand prix 09 tickets

Hi everybody,Where can buy the tickets of world grand prix 09,I'm planning to go to Mokpo,Korea. I'm in China...Thanks

Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 5:49pm

Author: June Lu

Logan Tom

We don't know now

Monday, June 15th 2009, 9:59am

Author: June Lu

2008 Beijing Olympics

RUS played so bad,And i have no any passion to download this game,I only have RUS -CHN 1/4 final

Monday, June 15th 2009, 9:54am

Author: June Lu

Matches of Holland in Montreux

Yes,i have,but i cannot unload on the megaupload,because here is blocked of this website.

Thursday, June 11th 2009, 9:20am

Author: June Lu

got boyfriend??

I hear from some fans ,said that mari and sheilla are couple,but i'm not sure

Thursday, June 11th 2009, 9:14am

Author: June Lu

Stam vs Flier

Quoted from "Marieke68" How could you chose ? They are both really good, beautifull players!!! [IMG][/quote] They are seems all same,lol: But i like Stam more, [/img]

Thursday, June 11th 2009, 9:03am

Author: June Lu

Your favourite Player & Team

My favourite Player: 1:Logan Tom,(She is No.1 In my heart ) 2: sokolova 3:Gamova 4:Artamonova 5:Zhang Ping 6:YangHao 7.Debby Stam 8.Margareta Kozuch My favourite Team: 1:Russia NT.( I Think Chinese fans of Russia NT,They knows.That's why Russia NT Have so many fans from China) 2:Chinese NT(As a Chinese,there's no reason ) 3:USA NT(There's so many cute players,ep:Heather Bown,Scott,Kim Glass......)

Thursday, June 11th 2009, 8:28am

Author: June Lu

USA Women's Team - Summer of 2009

Hope we can see Logan at next year!

Thursday, June 11th 2009, 8:24am

Author: June Lu

Hi,I'm from China

Hello,everybody,I'm from China.