Calendars for Year 2007

  • Charity Calendar for Year 2007
    Together with the beginning of the New Year the official calendar of S’Orsola Asystel Novara was published. Its special formula has been designed to get help for the starving kids in Ruanda.
    The form of the calendar, whose creator was one of the club’s sponsors – Bank Popolare di Novara, was a full surprise for the players from Novara and in the same time a Christmas gift.
    The heroes of the calendar are volleyball players from Asystel and kids from Ruanda wearing official T-shirts of the players. Cost of a calendar is 15 euro. The whole income from its sale will be transferred to starving children in poor African country.


  • aaaaaaaaaa I want one :(
    I almost did not recognize Cardullo, geez, she's so different in that pic!

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  • Monte Schiavo Banca Marche Jesi

    1 Elisa Togut

    2 Heater Bown

    3 Raffaella Calloni

    4 Neli Marinova

    5 Iliyana Petkova

    6 Martha Maria Zamora Gil

    7 Jaqueline

    8 Simona Rinieri

    9 Isabella Zilio

    10 Francesca Giogoli

    11 Elisa Cella

    12 Irene Padua

  • Haha, Foppapedretti Bergamo's calendars are always good...
    Jesi's are umm... I don't know, not exactly kid-friendly?

  • Kids dont have money to buy calenders, while Men have enough :lol:

    You're right. But if kids did have the money, I would choose to buy the appropriate ones, meaning Foppapedretti's, and not Jesi's. But that's just me speaking. Haha. Maybe some kids would rather buy the inappropriate ones. Ugh. :lol: