• What is the "necessary rotation" for a rule? Could somebody please explain?

    from the Fivb rules:
    * Rotational order is determined by the team’s starting line-up, and controlled
    with the service order, and players’ positions, throughout the set.

    * When the receiving team has gained the right to serve, its players rotate one position clock-wise: the player in position 2 rotates to position 1 to serve, the player in position 1 rotates to position 6, etc.

    * A rotational fault is committed when the SERVICE is not made according to the rotational order. It leads to the following consequences:

    * The team is sanctioned with a loss of rally;

    * The players’ rotational order is rectified.

    * Additionally, the scorer should determine the exact moment when the fault was committed and all points scored subsequently by the team at fault must be cancelled. The opponent’s points remain valid.
    If that moment cannot be determined, no point(s) cancellation takes place, and loss of rally is the only sanction."


  • Here's an interview from Lena Dziękiewicz.

    Instead of preparing for the Olympic Games in Beijing Lena Dziękiewicz started her preparations for the new Club Season. In the upcoming one she will represent the colors of BKS Aluprof Bielsko-Biała. "I feel good", explains the player after moving to Bielsko.

    While the colleagues from the nationalteam return from further pre-olympic tests, Lena Dziękiewicz instead, returns from her trainings in her new club BKS Aluprof Bielsko- Biała. The until now Middleblocker of Kalisz has already set down in the new place.
    - "I found a fine flat close to the center - tells Lena. - Now i will get to know Bielsko. This is a very nice place with a charming Old Town. Everyday i find new little streets here" - laughs the player.

    Eleonora Dziękiewicz (fot. Reprezentacja.net)

    From Bonitta's decision to not include her in the olymic 12, Dziękiewicz has found some positive aspects.
    - "I have time to deal with my own business as for example moving to Bielsko. Now i came steadied to the team and began trainings with all.
    I feel great here, a great group of people came together here. I worked with Igor Prielożny in the past already and our collaboration works very well still, and with the girls we get along very well also."

    And there is another plus for not flying to Beijing in the player's opinion:
    - "Of course, its sad for me but in the end i had time for a physical and mental recovery, which i really needed for this season", - finishes Lena Dziękiewicz

    source: reprezentacja.net
    translation by me (so excuse possible mistakes)

  • what i really like about this interview and lena is the fact, that she accepted the decision of Bonitta quietly and got used to it.
    Im really happy that she didnt give angry interviews etc, eventhough im sure that she felt a lot of disappointment and anger. Just shows again, that this player is not just wonderful on court but also nice and reserved off court.

    I guess thats the reason i like her :rose:

  • That's werry great interwiev,which shows how mature Lena realy is.It's first interwiev from Lena I ever read,and it's great.Thank you Nastja for that.I hope that you will transllate more interwiev's of Lena in the future for all of Lena's fans.

  • Nice pictures, thanks! :thumbsup: I'm also a fan of Monika Pyrek and Anna Rogowska.

    I'm impressed with Lena's calmness! :super:
    Many players don't handle with it so well like she's doing. She must be disappointed, but still can see the good side of it :win:

  • She said that the first set 25:22 was for champions from Athens only recognition of our power. Then there were 3 attacks, 25:15, 25:20, 25:22 for opponents and they didn't find the way of defence and counterattack. Attack from one leg and unpleasant service - it was the way to succes for China.

    Polish players knowed that strong point of China is attack from one leg, but they couldn't oppose it. Milena compared it to army - soldiers practise various options in case of enemy's attack, but when they are on the field of battle, they sometimes lose.

    Milena said that Poles can attack from one leg, but they need a perfect ball.

    She claimed that her team showed the same standard of the game like a year ago, but Chinese are the champions of preparation for the most important competition. She appreciated good game of her friends in the first set and better game of Chinese in the next sets. In her opinion they lacked a force of attack.

    When Chinese journalists asked her about Polish fans - how come that they are always on every match, Milena said that they are the best fans in the world and thanked for support.

    I did my best and I hope you will undrestand :)

    "Siatkówka bowiem jest sportem wyjątkowym..." Z.Ambroziak

    "... bo najlepszy w Polsce jest olsztyński AZS!"

  • I can tell that Alojzy Swiderek and Giovanni Caprara are candidates to coach Polish NT. They have got the biggest chances.

    Swiderek would be the better option for Poland, just because he speaks polish :lol:
    But actually I would like to have Caprara though. I think he is more suitable for poland than for russia.
    I remember his time in Bergamo, before he went to russia and it was perfect!
    If he has the right players for his style of volleyball, he can achieve a lot. And imo, poland has these players.
    but the girls need a polish coach.... im sure they dont wanna have an italian that soon again.....

  • Świderek? Bad idea. I don't believe, he would have good contact with girls as a first coach. Caprara... Another Italian :|
    I'd like to see Matlak as a coach. She is sometimes rather harsh for athletes, but he is a real professionalist.

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Can anyone tell me what is going on with Anna Baranska and Marco Bonitta????

    Maybe Barańska knows that. She has always had problems with everybody...

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Och Baranska.... great player, difficult character...

    I guess Bonitta and her were having problems, because their characters are too similar :roll:
    She shouldnt have given so many critical interviews, maybe then he would have treated her normally.

    Actually im annoyed by Baranska and Sadurek. They are talking the whole time to the press.... A little bit discretion wouldnt hurt :|

  • Well,
    Sadurek compains about the other girls.
    Its said that the team prefered to play with Skorupa than with her. And now she is pissed that no one of the girls told her that.
    (why doesnt she tell this to the girls but to the press? :roll: )

    my favourite quote is (about the JPN match):
    "Przecież nie mogłam iść do Bonitty i powiedzieć: proszę mnie zmienić"
    - But i couldnt go to Bonitta and say: please substitute me...
    (- why not? she was feeling not in the best shape but was thinking egostically....)

    Baranska complains about Bonitta and his behaviour towards her.
    He once said sth like "cant watch her playing" and since then she was complaining that he wanted to break her mentally.
    Seems that she also couldnt handle the fact for not being in the starting 6...
    (some players just cant accept that others are playing better....)

    For me its just weird, that just these 2 are talking so openly with the press.
    Skowronska, Dziekiewicz, Bednarek etc would never go to the press and tell this stuff that openly. Cos they dont seek for media attention as much as these spotlight addicted girls... :read:

  • Nastja
    it was first interview of Sadurek since...hmmm i dont know when i did not see anything wrong about that interview what's more i really like it . she admit she play bad and she trust Bonitta to much and she should "think more" on the court and not listen to Marco all the time and sometimes use her own idea and not only Skowronska Glinka left right ;/ she said in some interview that she is doing what coach wantt her to do and coach want to use Glinka and Skowronska as much as it possible .it is really weird because if someone watches LSK then he know that Sadurek play really fast ball in BIelsko . Aluprof was the team which use lots of combination but in NT Sadurek is just another person the worse one ;/ .
    Baranska is "media beast" she is everywhere and she should stop for a while when it all calm down cus she's not helping the team . "the Battle" between Bonitta and Baranska is just to much i see interview of them everywhere. complaint lament blaming eh...

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

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  • I dont know, but i was reading more interviews before this one and i just dont like her. For me she has a weird atmosphere around her.

    And this interview just shows that she has a very weak mental strength.

    She prefered to do all the things Bonitta was telling her than believing in her own strength. She wanted to stay in the 6, so she kept her mouth shut..... (she could have tried to set new variations, what would have Bonitta done?)

    Ok, she admits her mistakes now, but its too late.
    I believe that if Skorupa had played more (esp. against Japan) Poland would have had reached the 1/4 Final.

    and well, no comments about Baranska.
    Actually i hope she wont play for the nt anymore. She might be a very talented player and the team might need her playing abilities, but i prefer a worse player, who is a better teamplayer.