Youth European Championships 2007

  • Quote from "Justyna"

    Congratulation to FRANCE :)

    Poland - France 2:3 (21:25, 19:25, 25:22, 26:24, 7:15)

    Btw. I was close in my predict... 3:2 - 2:3 :wink2:

    Yes it was close.
    I left after the second set to go to a rehearsal, and I though it was going to be an other easy win for France.
    But Poland was able to play at the french level and even better for 2 sets. In the end , the french won, but polish players prove to be able to win against them even if France had probably the best team.
    (and one of the best prepared, as many players are playing the whole year together in the French national volleyball center. Many coaches complained about the lack of time to prepare this competition, and this was surely not the case for the French team. I'm not sure we could have win if every team had the same chances to prepared themselves ... )