• I thought Zhang Ping was taller than 187?...

    WAIT, so does this means Zhang Ping will still be playing after her recovery? she just won't be playing at Beijing 08 Olympics? MAN, I hate this...I really do...Zhang Ping is so awesome...I hope she gets a miracle and the coach will put her in for Beijing 08...LOL haha...well thanks for the infomation...ALL these time, I was just so curious as to why I haven't seen Zhang Ping but now I know, she's just at home recovery...Well, pray for her because she is just so awesome to NOT play volleyball...

    itz so sad that she cant play in Beijing 08 :( but i think now the most important thing for her is to have a healthy body.

    i think she can play after her recovery, but all depends on her condition and coach's decision(as u know the coach Chen prefer tall girl, and he always claims that Ping's blocking is poor..but anyway there will be new coach in China NT after 2008, so she still has chance.) Anyway she is still young, i think we can see her on court again in the future.

    btw, i post a latest picture of ZhangPing in another post concerning China NT, take a look if u hv time :)

  • I don't know if we can even call Zhou Suhong and Yan Liu as opposites. Well, they both play opposite to the setter, but the conception and duties of chinese opposites are completely different from that of European ones. In my opinion they are universals or special players. They receive and defend, they attack differently from european opposites.

    fair and accurate observation, oppsites for the chinese team are made this way is due to the need of the team

    as i said earlier in another thread, different teams do things differently. players are used according to their needs, ike sokolova played libero while the russian team needed her reception

  • actually, zhang ping openly said that she would play at least for her club Tienjing after her recovery next year ---i guess that will be in August 2008

    so, is this good news to you :)

  • hi, samba, yeah, i'm back, give me a hug :)

    by the way, liu yanan is chosen to play opposite cos her reception is good and play differently, if you have seen the russian yeltsin cup

    her play was unbeliebably quicker than zhou :)

    It is quite interesting that Chen does not choose opposite players from those who play this position in the club
    He wants this player could be good both in receiving and in quick attack. Thus he is fond of choosing central player and then training them to play this position. In 2005, he picked Wong KeKe(188 cm) and Wang Ting(190cm) for this position. He abandoned them soon late in year 2005 then tried to train Chu Chin Lin(190cm) and Li Chun(188cm), who played wing spiker in their club, year after and once again dismissed this "project". While Li comes back to her previous position, Chu, changing to play opposite this season in her club, is rejected in the 2008 team roaster. Cheng decides to use his previous player, Zhou Su Hon, Liu Ya Nan, & Li Shan for this position.

    It is really heart-rending for those who were deemed once promising then soon deserted within a year. ;(

  • no one really knows why he suddenly abandon wang keke and wang ting;

    as a matter of fact, he only gave a limited number of chances to the new players;

    wang ting played as substitute only when china won the first set and new players like her would be given chances to play

    if the performance is not brilliant, thats all for them, thats why the opposite position has no subs

    according to Chan, a chinese opposite needs to be a good receiver and a quick attacker that is compatible with the chinese style of attack.....so Li Juan switched back to hitter position

    as for Chan's decisions, i also have some ????? that are unsolved :)

  • as for Chan's decisions, i also have some ????? that are unsolved

    i never like Chen since 2001, i think he is stubborn...he used same players in these years, though he knows they are in serious injury. and he never give new players chances to perform even in not very major tournaments...

    what a pity for protential players like Wang Ting and Wang Keke, they are good MB, and Chen forced them switching to play opposite..and the main point is he never let them hv enough playing time in this position and then send them back home :down: Wang Keke retired already 2 years ago..

    still no new player playing opposite in China NT(even no new face in the training camp)...can't imagine who can play this position after Zhou Suhong and Liu Yanan retired...