Quality Check - 92 Olympics USA-CAN-S1

  • You have to enable deinterlace function when converting.

  • Please provide feedback on the quality of this file. The mpg file looks great but when I convert it to DIVX AVI it appears to have horizontal lines across during fast movement.


    92 Olympics USA-CAN-S1

    Thanks a lot RedhawkVB! Quality is pretty good.
    Always a treat to see Stork, Timmons (deadly efficient in this particular set), Ctvrtlik and the other remainders of the Golden Team USA.
    The Canadians are also pretty familiar to us Belgians: Gingera (Zellik), Greves and Paddock (both Lennik, together with the great "Johan Baetens" in his last season before his unfortunate dead) all played in the Belgian League right after the '92 olympics.

    Found any Seoul '88 material in your archive by any chance?

  • LightMaster is right.
    You last records were pretty good. Try to deinterlace your video. You showed that you can! ;)