Searching Teammembers!

  • Hey Users!
    The last weekend showed once again that we admins cant be here all the time and that some offtopic etc isnt deleted as fast as it should be.
    So thats why we are searching some new team-members to help us controlling this forum.

    To be honest, its not really much work since the members here are friendly most of the time... But once in a while that changes :D

    As you maybe noticed we update many results from many different leagues, cups etc.
    It would be great to have people for example from Poland, Russia, Italy and so on, who could help us updating the results, sharing interviews and other interesting information from their country.

    So if somebody wants to help us, please write me or Justyna. or simple answer in this thread!

    Thanks for paying attention ;)

  • I'm searching a person who would like to be a moderator in all our prediction games (moderating topics, counting points etc.). Everyone who want help, please contact with me by PM.

    Thank you (:

  • I would like to help, but unfortunetly school and the new season has started, so i don't have much free time... (:

  • I may be of some help. I know that I have to and love to spend much time on this, but especially I can do my best about Turkey part. If you are interested in, I am here. İf not, no problem for me about refusal. :)

  • dribrahimates trust me, with Microsoft Excel it doesn't last so much time :D

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    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game