Montreux Volleymasters 2008

  • from 4 to 8 of June 2008

    Six teams will play a round robin. They are Italy, Cuba, China, Serbia, Netherlands and Germany. Surprisingly no Russia, Brazil and USA!

  • I am glad we won't play. This tournament is totally useless and non-important. I would support if Russia would send a team full of young players, but never our main team, not in a OG year.

  • Thanks for the info! I'm sure it will be an interesting tournament to watch. And depending on how you look at it, it may be a good training before the OG.

  • where is turkey? why aren t there we in this tournament X( last year we did good match

  • from 4 to 8 of June 2008

    Six teams will play a round robin. They are Italy, Cuba, China, Serbia, Netherlands and Germany. Surprisingly no Russia, Brazil and USA!

    Is it confirmed ? Every year 8 teams participated.

    Even on their official website still ...

  • If Brazil is going to play the Valle d'Aosta Tournament, I don't think it's wise not to play the Montreux Volley Masters, which takes place just one week before.

    I have my doubts as regards Brazil's absence in this tournament this year.

  • where is my USA? last years they already not join this match. so disappointed :cursing:

  • How I wish to be watching this tournament live!!!!!!! 8o

    My favorite teams are going to be there!!!hehehehehe

    Well....definetly a strong tournament...god training for the olimpic games....speciallu for Italy and Cuba.....and possible Serbia....if quaifies for the olimpic....I have my doubts about China....I don't think they are going to be represented by the starting team of the olimpics!!!!!

    And is going to be good to see Netherland and Germany playing something in 2008!!!!

    I also don't understand why Brazil is not playing it....cause the girls are going to Valle D'aosta least this tournament always has good teams...on the other hand the only sure of VAlle is Italy's presence!!
    But I'd not be surprise if the reason of this ausence is the fact that Brasil was not called....since the team had refuse to play the same championship last maybe is a polotical thing!!!!!

  • Wednesday, 04.06.08

    ITA x GER 16.30
    CUB x NED 18.30
    CHN x SRB 21.00

    Thursday, 05.06.08

    GER x SRB 16.30
    CUB x CHN 18.30
    ITA x NED 21.00

    Friday, 06.06.08

    GER x CUB 16.30
    NED x CHN 18.30
    ITA x SRB 21.00

    Saturday, 07.06.08

    NED x GER 13.00
    SRB x CUB 16.00
    ITA x CHN 20.30

    Sunday, 08.06.08

    SRB x NED 11.00
    CHN x GER 13.30
    ITA x CUB 16.00

  • China:

    1: WANG Yimei
    2: FENG Kun
    3: YANG Hao
    4: LIU Yanan
    5: WEI Qiuyue
    6: XU Yunli
    7: ZHOU Suhong
    9: ZHAO, Ruirui
    10: XUE Ming
    11: LI Juan
    12: ZHAO Yanni
    14: ZHAO Yanni
    15: ZNANG Xian
    16: ZHANG Na
    17: MA Yunwen


    1: BRINKER Maren
    2: BORGER Karla
    3: HANKE Denise
    4: TZSCHERLICH Kerstin
    5: GOLLAN Tina
    6: STUMPF Bettina
    7: HIPPE Saskia
    8: DUMLER Corneilia
    9: KAUFFELDT Berit
    10: MATTHES Anne
    11: FÜRST Christiane
    12: KARG Stéphanie
    13: BOUAGAA Atika
    14: MÖLLERS Lena
    15: THUMM Birgit
    16: KOZUCH Margarethe
    17: STEFFEN Dominice
    18: SSUSCHKE Corina


    1: STAELENS Kim
    2: WISMEIJER Monique
    3: SLÖETJES Lonneke
    4: MUIJWIJK Karine
    5: VISSER Sanna
    6: STEENBERGEN Quinta
    7: WIJNHOVEN Elke
    8: BLOM Alice
    9: GROTHUES Maret
    10: VAN TIENEN Janneke
    11: VANDAELEN Deborah
    12: FLIER Manon
    13: BUIJS Anne
    14: FLEDDERUS Rlëtte
    15: DE KRUIJF Robin
    16: STAM Debby
    17: JANS Carlljn
    18: VAN DEN HEUVEL Susan

    Cuba, Italy and Serbia rosters aren't published yet.

  • Chaine Staelens, Caroline Wensink and Ingrid Wisser are missing :( There are a lot of new names for me. Selinger appeared as a coach, but as far as I know, he still hasn't signed a new contract.

  • About the Netherland team...I think they (Chaine, Visser and Wensink) are not going cause they are taking their vacation time....

    are also missing Orsel and Huurman...(who is going o be the second middle, do you know???Cause one is problably going to be Carlljn...I think)...

    I also don't know much names of that list....

  • I guess v.d.Heuvel will be the other middle...

    There are only two setters in German roster, Denise Hanke and Lena Möllers. Both are only 18 years old, Möllers is born 1990 so she also still plays for junior team. Saskia Hippe and Berit Kauffeldt also are current junior team players but also already important players in first league teams.

  • Serbia:

    2: MAJSTOROVIC Jasna
    3: DRPA Marta
    4: SILJKOVIC Nastasia
    5: KRSMANOVIC Natasa
    6: TOMASEVIC Sanja
    7: DURAKOVIC Amadea
    8: ZIVKOVIC Bojana
    9: VESOVIC Jovana
    12: PETROVIC Aleksandra
    14: NINKOVIC Nadja
    15: MALAGURSKI Sanja
    16: NESOVIC Ivana
    17: VELJKOVIC Stefana
    18: POPOVIC Silvija

  • German roster has been reduced to 11 (???) players:

    1: BRINKER Maren
    3: HANKE Denise
    4: TZSCHERLICH Kerstin
    7: BEIER Heike
    8: DUMLER Cornelia
    11: FÜRST Christiane
    12: MÖLLERS Lena
    14: RADZUWEIT Kathy
    15: HIPPE Saskia
    16: KOZUCH Margarethe
    18: SSUSCHKE Corina

  • Dutch team: Kim Staelens, Monique Wismeijer, Lonneke Slöetjes, Quinta Steenbergen, Elke Wijnhoven, Alice Bloom, Maret Grothues, Manon Flier, Anne Buijs, Debby Stam, Deborah van Daelen, Susan van den Heuvel.

    And there is a piece of news on MVM website where Barbolini says that last year the door was open long time for Rinieri and Togut and that they must take the consequences now....