Interviews! We need your help!

  • Hey People!

    The Staff tries to get in touch with many players since a few days. We want to give you, our members, the chance to ask your favourite players questions, you always wanted to ask but never got the chance to.
    The chance comes now!

    I was thinking about something like a "questions catalogue", characteristic for
    So we could send these questions to the players and we wouldnt need to collect any every time.

    Lets say something like 7 questions asked to every player we get in touch with and 3 personal, concerning just this specific player. or 6 and 4 (You get what i mean?)

    If you have other suggestions, which you think are better, feel free to mention them here. We are happy for any help.

    Now please start thinking of some questions :D If you wont take the chance i will :lol:

    send your questions to this email:

    If some of you have contacts with players feel free to ask them for a little interview as well.

    I will post the names of some players who agreed on our plan already in the next days. I just need to see how big the interest is ;)

    The Team ;)

  • Oh WoW That's so CoOl!!! 8o Great idea!!! :win: I'm gonna think some questions... :roll:

  • i think I will have to be one of the "journalists"....

  • i think I will have to be one of the "journalists"....

    Hehehe Gottlib :D
    It's not as bad as you think! :wavy:
    After the first no, you get used :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Some interviews would be good!

    Male e Female Players..

    I hope that some Brazilian!

    P.S -> Not Bulgarian... I kidding Afroman! hehehehe!



  • Please send us more general questions as soon as possible, since the list of the players, who already agreed, will be released very soon.
    And since we want every player to be treated equally, we need more general questions before u can start thinking about the questions concerning a certain player... (i hope you can understand this step of us)

  • The players, who already agreed on answering our questions:
    (for now, just the females list)

    German Players:
    Corina Ssuschke (Dresdner SC)
    Atika Bouagaa (Besiktas)

    US Players:
    Heather Bown (Jesi)
    Nancy Metcalf (Eczacibasi)

    Brazilian Players:
    Renatinha (Rexona)
    Sheilla Castro (Scavolini Pesaro)

    Russian Players:
    Elena Godina (Dinamo Moscow)
    Yulia Andrushko (Leningradka)

    Turkish Players:
    Esra Gümüs (Eczacibasi)
    Naz Aydemir (Eczacibasi)

    Polish Players:
    Agata Sawicka (Kalisz)

    It is very likely that more players will agree, but we will first finish this interview round with these mentioned players.
    So now, if u have any questions, regarding for example just "Naz Aydemir", you can send them now too.
    If you send the email or the PM dont forget to write the name of the Player.

    for those who forgot:

  • Dear members :D
    First I want to thank all those who have been sending questions! Keep sending them!
    For those who haven't sent it yet, better hurry up!

    And also I want to make an update... Sheilla Castro has just agreed to answer questions too!
    So, you can also send your questions to her through the e-mail

    We're waiting your questions :whistle: :whistle:

  • I have sent one question.This is my only question :) please ask all of them.

  • I would go even further and invite them to join us and participate here, just like the rest of us volleyball fans. After all we're all volleyball lovers, so we're all binded by the same interests... It would be nice to discuss some top volleyball issues with the actual performers, don't you think so? If I was one of them, I wouldn't say no... Of course I wouldn't talk about my team's strategies or about anything that could reveal any problems amongst my team, but it would be nice to come around sometimes and share some words with the world volleyball comunity around the globe!

    So, my question would be only this: Why don't you join us here on Inside-Volley and help us building a real Worldwide Volleyball Comunity?!...

  • ı sent my questions,nastja do you take it?

  • Wow, this idea is perferct.

    And it is so pity that there isn't any Italy team player.

    I want to know whether Togut is healthy now, I hope she come to Beijing. :super:

  • Wow, this idea is perferct.

    And it is so pity that there isn't any Italy team player.

    I want to know whether Togut is healthy now, I hope she come to Beijing. :super:

    Hehe, have patience! :) Maybe some Italian player will accept!

  • I think people could suggest some players maybe would guide people here whitch kind of player ask....of course is not up to them but to the player to accept....
    but is just a help everyone! :win: