Blood relationship

  • Spanish European Champions 2007 Miguel Angel and Guillermo Falasca are brothers

    (if someone doesn`t know that :lol: )

    "Every volleyball player is a little bit psychopath, there are no normal people who want to voluntarily dedicate their life to this sport"
    Plamen Konstantinov

  • There are many blood relationship in French VB.

    The most well known is Mathias Patin (currently playing in Tours, who was in the 2002/2003/2004 french NT) who is the son of Asnières's head coach André Patin. Asnières, thanks to Patin's work is considered the best club for young players in France. (Patin, Henno, Frangolacci, Granvorka, Rouzier, Barca-Cysique, all of them played for Asnières at the beginning of their career.)

    Franz Granvorka's father (Séverin Granvorka) was a French international himself. He was elected one of the 12 French players of the 20th century.

    Former Paris and Poitiers's coach and former French international player Eric N'Gapeth is the father of the Earwin N'Gapeth the opposite of the youth French NT who has been European champion last year. Earwin was 5th scorer of the youth world championship despite being only 16.

    Laurent Capet's Brother Nicolas Capet was Tours's first libero. I can remember of games when Laurent Capet was serving many aces on his own brother. This brotherhood became a joke for Tours's supporters, because even when Nicolas Capet left Tours, the supporters kept singing his first name when Laurent was serving, in order to disturb him ! :lol:

    Dutch female players Kim Staelens (setter) and Chaïne Staelens (spiker) are sisters.

  • Murilo Endres (spiker) and Gustavo Endres (middle blocker) are brothers.

    Adriana Samuel (female beach volleyball player who won Silver in Atlanta and Bronze in Sydney) is Tande's (spiker, won gold in Barcelona) sister.

  • When I wrote the list of french champiosnhip players last week, it occured to me that there were many volleyball families in France.
    Here are a few examples:

    Family Ragondet (3 brothers):
    Pascal (born 1983) is the libero of AS Cannes (he won the french champiosnhip in 2005), his second brother Emmanuel (born 1987) is outside hitter of Sète and french international, and Olivier (born 1991) is a new outside hitter of Rennes. Olivier was the captain of the winning french NT at the 2009 youth european championship.

    Family Ngapeth (1father, 2 sons):
    The father Eric is a former Cameroon and France international middle blocker back in the 80's. He is currently coach of Tours.
    Earvin (born 1991) is a french NT and Tours outside hitter. Swan (born 1992) is a new backup outisde hitter of ... Tours of course !
    Family Geiler (2 brothers):
    Loïc (born 1984) and Baptiste (born 1987) are both french NT outside hitters. Loïc is currently playing for Tours and Baptiste for Sète. Their parents (Brigitte Boulay and Christophe Geiler) are both former french NT members.

    Family Grebenikov (1 father and 1 son):
    The father Boris (a former USSR international) is the coach of Rennes. His son Jenia (born 1990) is the libero of Rennes. Despite his young age, he was on the 22-list for WL, but not in the 19. You can expect to heard of him in the coming years because he's probably going to be French NT libero someday.

    Family Tillie (1 father and 1 son):
    The father Laurent played more than 400 matches with french NT (outside hitter), and is currently the coach of AS Cannes. His son Kévin (born 1990) was a member of the 2008 junior European Championship team. He is currently a player of Thompson Rivers University (Canada) and was voted Rookie of the Year of CIS champiosnhip. (The first son of Laurent, Kim, is a basketball professional player)
    Laurent's wife (Caroline) was also a professionnal volleyball player and french NT member.
    Here are only a few exemples of blood relationship between people currently involved in professional volleyball. Some other french players are related to former professional VB players.

  • Probably most know that Anna Barańska sister Bogumiła plays for Wrocław.

    Maybe less know that Kasia Skorupa has twin sister Małgorzata who plays middle blocker in lower Polish league. I think now in Legionowo. Their father played on NT.

    But this year Atom Trefl Sopot may have a first. Roster has Magdalena and Izabela Śliwa.... mother and daughter! The only picture I could find together is 5 years old.

  • Özge Kırdar(Setter) and Gözde Kırdar(Outside hitter) are twins.Özge is older than Gözde with minutes :lol: .Both are playing for Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta TT.

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Barbara Jelic and Vesna Jelic are sisters, and Ivica Jelic (trainer) father...
    Vesna and Sanja Tomasevic...
    Nina and Nikola Rosic, both play as libero...
    Senna Usic, Marija Usic (both Scavolini Pesaro), Simona Usic, Ana Usic ( both Split 1700) are sisters :)

  • Italians Lucia Bosetti (Foppapedretti Bergamo) and Caterina Bosetti (Villa Cortese) are sisters.

    Ariel Selinger (Israel coach) and Avital Selinger (Netherlands coach) are father and son.

    In Brasil - Middle blockers Giovanna (that two seasons ago played in Chieri, and this season will play in Sao Caetano) and Giovanni (from Brasiliand male team, Montes Claros ) are sister and brother.

    Sassá (OH) and Kenia (MB, I think she is playing in Spain still, I know she was there some years ago) are cousins.

    Valeria Goncharova and Natalia Goncharova are sisters.

    Jane and Jill Collimore (USA) - I think they are sisters

  • Susan Freriks ( setter of VC Weert) and Nico Freriks ( setter of NT and Almeria) are brother and sister.
    Nikki Hoevenaars ( setter of Sliedrecht Sport) and Sanne Hoevenaars ( MB of Taurus) are sisters.

  • Yes, Jane & Jill Collymore r sisters.

    somebody told me that Judith Pieterson and Caroline Wensink r sisters, is it true?

    and I heard that Kim Willoughby and Danielle Scott r sisters?

    BEL NT players Marta Sobolska (OH) & Dominika Sobolska (MB) r sisters, and both play in Wroclaw.

    PUR NT palyers Karina Ocasio & Sheilla Ocasio r sisters, and maybe Eva Cruz & Aurea Cruz.

    Lloyd + Naz + Wołosz + Hanke + Smutná + Mori
    Bokan + Zakrievskaja + Bricio + Vilponen + Jupïter + A.Lazić + Stepanova + Marković
    Onyejekwe + N.Dimitrova + Crkoňová + de Kruijf + Truškina + Thibeault + Omelčenko + Schauss
    Rourke + Bošković + Fabris + Kajalina + Collar + Simić + Miklai + Vasilantonaki
    Courtois + Venegas + Gaído + Castillo + Gómez + Kiselyova

  • Bruno Rezende is Bernardinho's son :S

    Wait, what?! Really?!! :P

    Oh and you used to have Bas van de Goor en Mike van de Goor. And also Richard and Erik Schuil. Funny enough these two pairs of brothers both have similar technique (physiology, or social conditioning?).

    Anyone mentin Kim and Chain yet?

    Also Dick Kooy and Ron Zwerver are related.

    I'm also pretty sure that Gamova is Giba's brother :P:D:lol: