Rafa Pascual injured

  • For their very first time in their career, Rafa Pascual had a serious injury last week in italian A2. X( X( X(

    The best Spanish volley player in Spain's history has their achilles tendon partially (15%) broken. With 38 years and more than 500 presences in Spanish NT, Pascual would to be part of Spanish NT in Beijing.

    Pascual NEVER misses a match by a injury so far. :super: :super:

  • Too bad, isn't it.


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  • Rafa was big playing opposite, but the more he's aged he used to play as a receiver. At least with Spanish NT. I don't know which role plays usually in Italy. In Moscow EC final against Russia he almost played as a second libero at the end of the match. And he did it very well.

    He's our symbol. And he deserves to be olympian for the third time in Beijing. After the Games it would time to go for him. Spanish NT must go to Beijing just for Rafa and with Rafa.

    C'mon "Matador" !!!!!!

  • sorry to hear this bad news....he was great...

    frankly, even though he wasn't hurt himself, his physical condition was still far from completing high stressing tournament like OG in Beijing.....he was seldom sent in court during the WC 2007 in Japan and out of the 12 roster for OEQT in Turkey this January.

    i'm afraid that he's gettin' farther from ESP NT....

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