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    Part 3 (there will be 5 parts! :win: ) sorry for not translating part 2 but it was kinda boring plus didn't gor much time over the weekend. the worth noticing is that she said she is ready for being leader of a team, but she hopes it won't depend only on her and that whole team will play well.

    so here's the translation of part 3

    Q you always said that opportunity to go to Italy is a chance to play with the best players and devolop skills. do you think there is some unshaped talent among Polish young players who have ability and chance for international career??
    KS: i left 5 years ago and i don't regret, i left Italy with some succes, unforgetable memories, but also a whole a lot of work i put into it to be in the place where i am now,it paid off. i reccomend to all of polish girls to leave and try new things, it's diferent atmosphere diferent people, different style of work i know some of girls have offerts from foreign league and they always can ask me for some advices and ask what i think and what's mey experiance like.

    Q: out of Pesaro teammates which one is the closest to you
    KS:i have lots of close friends in Pesaro , i have good relation with all of them but the closest is Elke Wijhoven. from the beggining we understood each other well we knew it gonna be nice friendship , we have good sanse of humour we understand our jokes, also our husbands like each other thay are friends.

    Q:you are considered as one of the most beautiful player in the world. do you have a feeling that people judge your beauty more often that your volleyball skills??
    KS:to be honest it's always nice to hear all this compliments however i don't thinks so(she is modest wow xD)it's nice to hear it after the matches etc but i worked so hard to change it and that people appreciate my volleyball skills rather than my physical apearance. and i i succeed :D

    Q If not volleyball, than??
    KS...good question if not volleyball than i would make up something different :D but right now i'm volleyball player and i don't know (Laugh)

    Q:if you had to compare Niemczyk, Bonita and Matlak what are the similarities and differences between those 3, with whom you work the best
    KS: it;s good question but to answer it i would have to speak for very long time. NIemczyk Bonita and Matlak, thay are all different, they have different characters and style of training, i will say short;ly that they are all good coaches and that's simillarity. good coach need to have firm hand at one time and he need to know what he can do and what cannot to the different player, which one he need to shout at and which one he need to "stroke". considering that it was NIemczyk's the best feature, from the psychological point of view he knew as the best, Bonita added new Italian style training with good tactic, and about Matlak after this season i will told you what he is like cus i don't know what kind of coach he is cus i never worked ewith him before however i heard lots of possitive things about him

    Q:what did you miss the most while being in Italy??
    KS: i would say friends and family i have in Poland also some elements of polish kithen like pickles, pickled cabbage, bigos(it's polish food cabbage with meat) all of our traditional dishes that arent in Italy, but to not mix food with people i would say that i miss family and friends the most

    Q: who has got the best sense of humour, do you makes jokes during training camps with NT??
    KS : duh!
    to be honest there are lots of us in here, there are lots of young girls, and let's face it-i'm one of the oldest here (laugh)there are lots of girls that have great sanse of humour and it's hard to pick one. but everyday we make jokes, the most importnad is we understand our jokes. i want to...i hope she won't get upset on me by saing this, but there is one girl that have talent! it;s Berenika Tomsia(Okuniewska now) . whatever she do she make i have smile on my face during training, even if she does something wrong you can't say anything to her because she is so cute in what she is doing , i don't have a words to describe it. her jokes make me laugh and i hope she won't get upset that i revealed it :D but it's very possitive feature IMO

    Q:in Volleyball the thing i don't like the most IS??


    Q:when and why did you gave up your jump serve??
    KS:i think it's couple of season i don't jump serve. and the reason why is that coaches i worked with wanted to lighten my load. you don't always have enough strenght to spike a lot plus jump serve a lot.but also they like my float service which is succesful and also from tactical point of view

    Q: do you have particular sport hall in Poland or around the world you like the most and have sentiment to??

    KS: i would say it's the hall that have good surface, it can have a air conditioning, the most importand is it need to have soft surface, i don't have my favourite everytime i play in different places, we travel around the world and sometimes we forget some places where we have been for that reason i cannot name particular one

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

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    Q:what did you dislike the most in serie a??what was the biggest difficylty in daily life, training etc??
    KS: at the beggining the biggest problem in daily life was to get use to breaks during the day because in Italy every shops are closed between 12-30 am-3-30 pm. but during those hours i had break in my trainings and i wanted to do some shopping and i couldnt. also when i wanted to send something via post i couldnt cus post offices were closed. language food werent big problem, cus i like Italian food and i was up to date with Italian. about volleyball i had the biggest problem with defense, right now it's different i worked hard to change it.

    Q:we know that most of the girls in the NT camp are young and will be in the future the core of Polish NT . what are your relations with those girls and with whom do you have the best relation and overall whats the atmoshpere.
    KS:more or less i know everyone. i've seen them on the court or SMS(school of sport's mastering) or in NT before. there are some girls i've never seen but there's not many of them so i learnt their name quickly.i have the best relations with girls i know for long time, but we don't have anything to loose there's plenty of time to get to know each other . the atmosphere is good and the reason why it's cus there lot of fresh blood in the team and everyone is ambition and ready to work.

    Q:you probably know that if you don't win CL with Fenerbache half of the team will be fired like this year. do you think that presindents of this club excpect too much in such a short period of time , you need to fit together.
    KS there is a reason why we are going to this club. the goals are clearly stated, back in Pesaro the goal was to win CL we didn't menage to do that and nobody fired me.anyway i think that last year's player weren't fired but the club want to get stronger and sign the new ones.

    Q:do you mention/remember the bad points or you try to forget them as soon as possible?
    KS i had a coach that always kept shouting at me to not remeber bad points and move on. thank you he know for sure i talk about him. sometime we freeze up for a second, but i work on it everytime to focus on the following point

    Q:in the internet there are different sources about your high, what is your exact high??
    KS:in the morning(Laugh) i have 189 cm

    Q:why many female and male players put those tapes on their fingers??
    KS:listen there are lots of reason. sometimes when we got hit by ball one or two fingers drove and that;s why he have to harden them with trhose tapes and if you don't put them on fingers hurt and unable us to pass the ball. sometimes we girls we put tapes (laugh) but it's not decoration staff put it helps to pass the ball.

    Q:you and Ania Baranska were two that critices Bonitta the most. please tell what he's done wrong ,why he was unprofessional, what he did to "destroy" NT and atmosphere?
    KS:i critises the most??...i don't know, i don't know if yes i tell why. the problem is. Bonita is fantastic coach from technical and tactical point he has lot's of experience but he is difficult person has difficult character it's hard to talk with him, he is not "flexible" and that was probably the problem in relations with players. Bonita didn't "destroy" the NT and atmosphere but it was hard to communicate with him in some situation and that didn't help in daily life relation

    Q:which period of your carrer was better for you in Scavolini Pesaro or in Asystel Novara??
    KS: i think every period of career is importnad but i think Pesaro was better. naybe because i knew language already and i had some succes with Pesaro i knew what i want , also because there was fantastic atmosphere in the team . that's the main reasons.

    5th part is up but will translate it later,it is so hilarious :lol: :lol:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

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  • 5th part the best hands down :obey: :lol:

    Q:as we all know your husband Jakub Dolata is a big fan of football. which team you supporter together?? or maybe you supported different teams??
    KS: i think Jakub supported Argentina, but then i don't klnow how it was , we always support different teams we don't agree in this case maybe the reason why is a don't follow football however in the final i was supporting Spain and i'm happy they won n Jakub rooted for Holland mainly becouse we have friends in Holland and he wanted to unite in supporting Holland with them, it ended like it ended, mine on top :lol:

    Q you are from Warsaw. what that city means to you and what's your fovourite place
    KS:Warsaw is a place where i was born in where my family and friends live, my favourite place is "lazienki" to go for a walk to meet with my mom or firneds which i haven't got time for ,lately. it's beautiful park in the center of warsaw where everybody can spent a while to chill out.

    Q:what's with achilles surgery?? in one of the interview you said that you have to do it sooner or later
    KS: i think sooner or later it will happen but right now thare's no danger of injury. longer i will wait the better it will be form me, it would be nice if it happen after i finish my career and i keep my finger crossed it will happen like that

    Q:how do you remeber the times when Ze Roberto was the coach of Pesaro? what kind of relations you have got with him. was it strictly formal coach-player or it was more like good pal or friend
    KS: to start off with Ze Roberto is fantastic coach for me, we had good relation as coach-player but also after trainings with other players we were going out for a dinner with , talk about our problems , lifes etc. him his wife and his children are fantastic family with whom i can go to a dinner with great pleasure and there always will begood topics to talk about
    so i think it wasn't just formal relations but more like family or friendly.

    Q: you are tall woman wasn't it disctracting you in daily life??
    KS:i used to be ashamed to walk on high heels cus i thought that than i will look like girrafe, but the truth is no matter if i put 5 cm or 10 cm highheels on it won't make any difference cus i will stand out anyway but i have satisfaction to walk on highheels shoes which i don't do very often.

    Extra question :
    Q:our male volleyball player when asked about most beautiful player in polish NT always name you. maybe now you will tell which olleyball player is the most handsome?? :D
    KS:hard hard question...our players are pretty and it's hard to name one...i don't know to be honest which one is the coolest there are lots of them but to name some i would say....Michal Winiarski is pretty boy who else is there...eee mmmm....i don't know lots...all of them are pretty ...MIchal Winiarski...tell me who else is playing there(laugh) :lol: Sebastian Swiderski is nice our MBare very handsome boys what can i say one every other boy is pretty and it can be said we have pretty NT

    Q:do you prefer brunettes or blondes??
    KS: i don't know..i would say brunettes

    Q:when will be little Skowroniatko? (baby Skowronska)xD

    Q:do you think you are more beautiful than Anna Baranska??xD
    KS:woho...how can i judge it judge by yourself :D

    Q:Kasia can you tell me what;s the name and surname, what he is doing in the fenerbache club , of the guy with white hairs and black moustache?? i saw him on the official site photo
    KS: (laugh)i'm sorry but i don't know his name i know he is my president but i can't repeat his name for now i hope he won't get upset on me xD

    Q: my cousine was always curious about myth about the fact that volleyball players canm't have a sex one week before match because their legs are shaking and they day dreaming. so i would like to ask is it myth or true??
    KS:it's individual thing , i heard that it distract guys but it helps women :D in Pesaro it was half half so i don't know everyone has to judge by their own what helps and what distract. it's obvious that you can't go over the top with those thing cus there won't be enough strenght for match :lol:

    Q:this question was choosen by an adminstrator of reprezentacja net service as a hit among all othere question...
    anyway Kasia-how are you??
    KS:thank you thank you- good. i am so happy i could make this interview with you and you asked how are you :D everything is fine, greetings to all

    last question and Kasia reaction was epic :obey: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • i love interview thanks mateo! very sincere interview, :drink: and about that myth, i never heard that :whistle:

    Me too ! Your work for this interview is excellent :-) What a big pleasure, cute person
    You really can be proud about her and the polish N.T !!! Thanks a lot
    And about sex', Yannick Noah - french tennis player in the 1980' - said it was good even the day before great game !!! French lover |o|

    F4 2011: Fener-Vakif GSTT 4-13 at the end of tie break 1/2 final. Vakif' winner C'L. 2013 and 44 victories Just amazing :rose:
    "Léo" flag bearer at the Olympics 2012

  • Kasia played well today (21 points: 17 attacks 2 block 2 ace) but in other matches played bad :thumbdown:

    and kasia has said:

    Poland Captain: 'We are very happy about the victory. We knew it wouldn't be an easy game, that the Americans are a strong team, who play very well technically. They caused us some problems with flat balls right above the net. We are happy to win the group and we hope that after the long journey to Japan we will win the next one as well. We are in the stage of training where we are treating everything as an occasion to harmonize our team. I think traveling and time differences will bother us a little, but we are professionals, and we have to deal with it. Of course we are tired, we won't be walking around smiling and full of energy, because we are in the middle of the season. We have to give a 100 per cent on the court. At the end of the second set, when we were losing 20-24 we had very good service and spikes. Moments like these show that with maximum concentration we are able to win. It is a shame that we let the situation like this happen.'

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Kasia i completly out of shape now, she had hard season and now she needs timeto be back with form. so far (sadly) she's been the weakest link in our team but lets wait until F6 and WCH and i'm sure Kasia will play better and better. her defense and serve are great already she just need to improve A LOT in attack. but to be honest i really can't remeber Skowronska to play well at the start of the NT season, she always fire up later in the season.

    and MAtlak is doing great job with this team,even though Kasia is not playing well he still gives her a chance to "unblock" herself. i hope next week when we will play with weaker teams like Puerto Rico and Taipei Kasia will play full matches no matter how she will play, she need that time on field

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • Thanks for this interview. Kasia has hard times now, however I think she is getting better, but setting to right wing is one of the weakest point of Polish team.

  • I am not very worried about her play right now because we all know what potential she has. I have concern that with the criticism she may not want to play... as happened with one previous captain. But I think Kasia is stronger than this.

    As for setters, I know who I would like to see play. But I really do not know who should play.

  • She won't come back to the NT till Matlak is a coach - you forgot to add that.
    Oh, well... Maybe skowrońska is right, maybe she is not. It is a difficult question. I can't say. Probably only Matlak and Skowrońska know the truth. Or few of her friends in the team.
    We had similar situation few years ago Glinka vs. Niemczyk, Barańska vs. Bonita etc. It seems every coach of Polish NT has to have problems with some girl. Or the girl has problem with him :huh:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

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