Height or technique

  • What is more important to win a competition in women volley, height or technique? You may all think that the heighest teams won. Well, strange, but the history of women volley shows us that it is not like that.

    The graph show us that technique from the 70s till 2007 was far more determinant than height! Look at it:


  • This is very interesting, thanx for posting. However this graph is also biased. I don't believe that it accurately shows the relation between height and performance. It only shows achievement in relation to the tallest team, which is only one team and the chance of one team winning as apposed to one of all the others is obviously quite small. Also it doesn't take into account other factors in volleyball, maybe the tallest team didn't win despite their height, but maybe without the height they wouldn't even have been at the OGs. Graphs are always highly contentious though interesting. See what I mean?

    Maybe a graph where they show the average height of the winner in relation to an average of all the averages of all the other teams would tell us more.

  • Thanks Samba player...really interesting this!!!!

    Well...I have to say I always prefered technique!!!!!!But with the evolution of the sport..what is happening is that to win you need to have a little bit of both!!!!

    But definetly is easier for a player who has more technique than a player that only is tall but do not have any technique!!!

    I think that volleyball is a very hard sport to play....and the rules still helps the survival of the techniwue players I think....

    And in volleyball are ways of trying to scape from the leck of height! For example playing fast...the asian teams...and even Brasil shows that a lot...for example..the male team of Brasil...Giba is not high...but he has a lot of technique!!!

    And all great teams are trying to find a balance in that...having maybe not a Gamova...but tall women...and also technique players...I see that in Brazil's game, in Italy's...China's....I mean....all team are having this evolution!!!

    I think that technique will survive for a long time!!!! Thanks God!!!!!

  • really nice to have this graph put here, the stats are useful
    but we cant see the changes of rules affect the winning team, like 15 points a set in the past
    but if we calculate the height since 2000---thats because the new ball and the rules changes, 25 per set
    then, what italy can achieve is extraordinary cos the previous winner russia
    was the tallest so far in women volley
    then we have to realise what is important is not height but the jumping abilities
    cuba in the 90s is equipped with best jumpers--torres, megalys, costa, aguero, izquero, fenandez, ruiz
    hardly unbelievable a 174cm tall mireya luis can jump higher than the 202 cm tall gamova
    the cubans simply pound the ball over the block
    maybe, we will ask what kind of technique will need if they can simply spike over the block, hehe ^^

  • I think height is not the best criterium to use in such analysis, but the reach of the players both in attacking and blocking.

    In the 90's the Cuban team had players like Mireya Luiz, Aguero, Regla Bell and Yumika Ruiz. They were not tall, but their impulsion compensated for their lack of height.

    Besides, the height has to do with the performance of a team in the net, but technique is what counts in the back of the court.

    Being tall is important, but this is not the only important thing when it comes to being champions.

  • agree , just look at the defense of italy in the world cup, some unlikely balls were dug up and turned into counter attacks
    and the amazing fact is that their height is the shortest in the recent champions

    99-2000: torres 191, fernadez 187, regla bell 185, Yumika ruiz 179, Aguero 178, mesa 182, costa 176
    02 world champion: Togut 193, Rineri 185, centoni 187, Picci 180, Leggeri 190, Lo Bianco 178
    03-04: H. Yang 182, Lina wang 182, Fen Kun 183, Liu Yanan 185, Ruirui 197, Zhang Ping 187, Zhou SuHung 182

    the tallest champion
    06 championship: Godina 194, Sokolova 193, Gamova 202, Merkulova 202, borodakova 190,

    the shortest
    07 worlc cup: Picci 180, Del core 180, barazza 185, gioli 188, Aguero 178
    but in terms of defense, 07 italy was the most defensive among the champions