Volley Ball couple?

  • What about Piano and Vettori?

    I always wondered if they're more than best friend! Also because since I know them I think they've never publicly presented a girlfriend...

    But I would be a bit disappointed by them if they have chosen not to go public... Is that harsh from me?

    And of course I would be disappointed if Vettori's gay :lol:

    About Paola and Kasia, I'm very happy for them!

    I've never commented before about Paola being lesbian because I wanted to keep the 'vibe' she gave me, of something absolutely normal that doesn't need great statement, as it wouldn't if she said "I called my boyfriend after the final; oh, yes I have a boyfriend"

    On the other hand, if she would have said, for example, "I'm with Bruno", I would have loved to (innocently) gossip about it :P

    And the same works with Kasia: wow, that was a new for me! Former team mate from just last year (so now I'm totally curious to know when it started and if it has something to do with Skorupa leaving Novara), plus there's quite an age gap... well, I can't deny I found it juicy somehow ;)

    Anyway, I totally agree with who said she's being brave to open up about it. And Gazzetta may had the fault to publicize the kiss a lot and forget the Supercup, but to me it's clear that Paola knew that with a public kiss the new was going to spread fast, and I loved that she just did very spountaunusly instead of making some announcement or similar things!

    I read Casalmaggiore may be interested in Skorupa, anyway.

    I still wondered why they didn't keep Leo, though...

  • Egonu and Stacy Sykora would be great, that is, in case the latter is vacant (I have no idea) and/or has the desire to "go for it". Egonu seems to have a weakness or soft spot for surrogate-mothers and she is 21 years her senior, which in that sense is "better" than the previous one of "merely" 14.

    Interestingly, the list of open LGBT-people within the volley community seems low, based on the list of them on Wikipedia, in comparision to many other sports, such as track and field, tennis, ice hockey, field hockey, baseball, football/soccer and, of course, the safe heaven or refuge of the LGBT-people in an otherwise unaccustomed world, basketball. Only in America there are far more lesbians in basketball than there are lesbians in the whole volleyball sphere around the globe. Although these circumstances could have natural explanations, I still believe the ratio of lesbians in basketball might be approx. 50%, or close to it, while in volleyball its probably considerably lower, due to many different reasons, but I presume the type of clothes is one important aspect. Gamova, for example, said she could not subsist with the baggy clothes while being on the basketball court. In case they changed the clothes to less tight ones and thus less hetero-optimized, the LBGT-resources might be pouring into volleyball with the same frequency as the amount of opium packages from Afghanistan circulates through the borders of Russia.

  • What does Brian do for a living?

    He's still recovering from his surgery. He tried time by time to avoid it, but his injury just got worse. When he was in Modena he broke his contract with the club since it became impossible to play with the pain. He plans to return as soon as possible.

    Maxwell .

    I thought he proposed recently 'cause I saw it in a IG story few weeks ago.

  • He's still recovering from his surgery. He tried time by time to avoid it, but his injury just got worse. When he was in Modena he broke his contract with the club since it became impossible to play with the pain. He plans to return as soon as possible.

    Maxwell .

    I thought he proposed recently 'cause I saw it in a IG story few weeks ago.

    I see, that's why he and Kelsey went to that lab I saw in her vlog.

  • I don't know exactly where to post it, and it seems quite off-post, but I am really happy with these news and I need to share with you guys:

    Fabi, former libero of Brazil, is expecting her first child with Julia Silva, one of the managers of out NT.


  • I had no idea she was in a relationship with a woman. I'm really happy for her. Always liked her on court and always had the impression she is such a nice and kind person. I remember her crying after the accident with Jaque at the Panamerican Games. She was so sweet to her teammate! :heart:

  • Don‘t know where to post or ask it but did Neriman Özsoy get divorced? She was with a basketball player/trainer married and if I am not wrong she also changed her instagram surname but now back to Özsoy and no pictures of both..

    I don’t know if she is divorced officially but it didn’t even last a year I think. The guy was with him in Japan last year and if i am not wrong, pictures were deleted and she removed his surname from her instagram by the end of season.

    Some Turkish players married some less famous players or staffs and most of them got divorced in a short time. It happened with Ozge Kirdar, Gozde Kirdar, Guldeniz Onal. This is a general problem in the world when women are more powerfull and making more money then their husband or partner. I don’t know if this was the case with Neriman but just a general observation.

  • Why would they come out? There is no need to, I like the approach of the new generation people who just express themselves just the way they are/feel without feeling the need to put labels on themselves for others to classify/judge them. My ideal world is one where gay people don't have to come out of anything, being gay is not something you have to announce. They just happen to like the same sex.

    'You're gay?'


    'Oh ok, cool : )'

    From what I know with about 99% of the gay friends I have had, coming out is indeed liberating yet also the most stressful and hard time of their life, not really a positive time anyways so why should these people go through all this...

    Just be you! I hope I'm still alive when humanity is this far :) we're getting there in some places and esp. with some people!

  • beri I get your point, I really do. I also wish things were different to the point that coming out wasn't needed. But, at least when you you're young, seeing people you admire come out and sort of be an example to you and validate both the way you feel towards life and yourself is a humongously great feeling. It makes you feel that you're not alone - and hell, we feel alone all the time. Whenever we (gay people) wish to see someone come out, it's not just for numbers; it's a way to continue affirming ourselves, that we can be who we are, through others. Hope I'm making sense.

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